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During the last summer, I was have a truly difficult time sleeping. I would lay in bed for hours, unable to drop off. Once I finally was able to fall into bed, I would wake up over and over during the night. Being so restless throughout the night left me feeling sluggish and exhausted the next day. I mentioned my problem, and my mother recommended purchasing a portable air conditioner. Prepared to try anything, I went to the local hardware store and bought a cooling unit. The air conditioner was very lightweight, and easy in my situation to carry inside and install in the bedroom window. The installation process took less than five minutes. Once I plugged the air conditioner, it was ready to operate. I immediately noticed a difference in the comfort of the bedroom. The influx of cool air made a much more pleasant temperature and created a refreshing atmosphere. The filter helped to get rid of airborne contaminants and improve my indoor quality of air. Plus, the gentle noise of the air conditioner drowned out the tone of barking dogs, traffic, and birds. With the enclosed window, there was far less pollen, dust particles, and exhaust fumes entering my home. Thanks to the air conditioner, I sleep a great deal better. The portable cooling unit comes with a wireless remote which allows me to modify the temperature and fan speed without even getting out of bed. It is extremely energy efficient,  convenient, and one of the highest quality investments I’ve ever made. I might leave the air conditioner running all year round.


This takes up a lot of space

I started brewing beer at home quite a few years ago.  I absolutely love the idea of crafting our own beers using our own special types of hops plus barley.  Over the years I have just gotten more and more skilled, I have even won some contests.  When I first started brewing I only had almost no equipment.  I absolutely started out bottling using old 2 liter pop bottles with new caps.  Since then our component list has grown however the basics of our brewing techniques have not.  One of the most pressing factors of home brewing is temperature control, for which we need air conditioning.  Summer is especially strenuous on us home brewers because nice fermentation requires a cold environment.  To maintain that perfect temperature in our garage, I installed a tiny however powerful HVAC unit.  Thanks to the air conditioning in the garage I am able brew with ease all warm season long plus save so much space.  Believe me, hundreds of beer bottles takes up more space than you’d think.  When I was brewing inside the home and relying on our home HVAC unit, not only did I have to deal with less space, but our yearly bills were also through the roof.  With this new smaller dedicated HVAC unit cooling off just a small part of the garage, I don’t have to keep our home at a constant 77 degrees all throughout the warm season anymore.  I mainly obtained the new HVAC unit to keep the room freezing, however during the winter months I also use the heating feature.  Having central heating plus cooling in the garage is great, now I can brew in total comfort all year long.

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The project is finally done

There is nothing I love more than a home project.  Designing and building things is just one of a number of things I enjoy, and so when my spouse asked me to repair the awning on the porch area, it absolutely got our gears turning.  My spouse and I love to spend time outdoors on our beautiful patio, however the patio had recently been disfigured by a storm.  Instead of rebuilding our ancient patio I decided to build an air conditioned outdoor area.  I upgraded the screening with sizable windows, and connected both roofs together, and essentially built a sizable sunroom.  The next step however was more challenging.  I contacted an Heating plus Air Conditioning business and they told us that our modern Heating plus Air Conditioning unit could handle the extra room addition for sure.  After making sure that the Heating plus Air Conditioning system was powerful enough to do so, I proceeded to the hardest part, running ductwork from the central a/c unit to each individual vent.  I carefully outlined where I wanted the vents and then chopped a portion of the roof out to accommodate our new ductwork.  I used roof flashing and sheet metal ductwork to tunnel the cold air from the air conditioner down into the sunroom.  Then I measured a some of the duct, attached a single end to the Heating plus Air Conditioning unit, and pulled the other end to our newly created air conditioner vents and attached them.  When the project was finally complete, I could not have been more proud of our quick work.  It was magnificent being able to sit “outdoors” in an air conditioned environment.  Because our patio now has a/c and heat, we can act like we are in the outdoors all year long!

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I did learn so much

I was a hard worker when I was kid.  Like most kids, I mowed yards, cleaned gutters, & picked up warm season time tasks whenever I could.  Unlike most kids, I had to job every weekend with my pops.  If I was not doing anything on a certain weekend, my dad happily put me and my friends to work.  Honestly, I easily did not mind because I always got paid for this work.  If I was not in school I was finally working.  One warm season, my dad was finally working out of neighborhood and I had yet to find a job.  A friend of his, who happened to be an Heating & Air Conditioning specialist was in need of another set of hands.  Next thing I know, I had a good job installing air conditioners and gas furnaces.  I had done some minimal job on Heating & Air Conditioning units before however nothing this overwhelming.  The job was really quite tough, especially because it was so darn hot.  Believe me, nobody wants to be crawling around in an attic, soaked in insulation, and wiggling through A/C air duct and the ends of roofing nails.  After our first month I seriously thought about quitting the Heating & Air Conditioning business but the guy I was working for was very old and sweet, and couldn’t do it himself.  I had no grasp that installing air conditioners was such a difficult task.  Everyday when I came apartment I was itchy and covered in insulation despite our best efforts to avoid touching the stuff.  On top of that, most of our afternoon was spent soaking in our own sweat in an attic; Being an Heating & Air Conditioning tech’s helper was a brutal task however I easily did learn so much about the heating & cooling industry and also about how to install and even service Heating & Air Conditioning systems.  

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This is a smart baby

We were just been allowed back into the house, following a major hurricane. My first glance took me to the pool which now looked a lot more like a murky lagoon. We had sunk the deck furniture in the pool before evacuating, and there were trees laying across the pool deck. The trees hadn’t landed on the house, so our roof was still in tact, but there were a few shingles  that needed to be replaced. Our windows had been boarded and the glass was not broken. We figured we fared really well, considering that half of our tiny community ended up being annihilated. Just then, my wife turned a corner and she began to yell. It was a really emotional time for us, because we watched a number of our family members pulled apart by the storm, and we had just found out the day before it struck, that we were pregnant. I ran to her to make sure everything was alright. She was sitting on the floor bawling. She said she could never be happy here again. I told her that everything would be fine, and we still had each other, but she pointed to the outer wall where our air conditioning unit had been and there was a large pit. The storm had taken out the air conditioning unit. I told her that we still had the home. She told me that she couldn’t comfort a baby if she have air conditioning. She sounded so absurd that i began to laugh. She hit me and next she started to laugh. We have our home, but no air conditioning, which is a blessing.  She realized that baby hormones weren’t much fun. We purchased a new HVAC system.

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This is quite humorous

A person can only take so much teasing before they break. It doesn’t matter if they’re joking or bullying you. I love the people I’m surrounded by, but they just don’t understand my situation or what I really do. I am dealing with menopause, and it is really difficult. I’m sure that it stresses the people who live with me, because I tend to get testy when hot flashes come on so quickly and so strongly. I go from comfortable to feeling like I’m in a blast furnace. Even my eyes get hot and they start to hurt. My head will throb with an obnoxious aching and my heart will race. It passes within a few minutes, but it is an awfully scary event to experience when it happens several times daily, you feel like you are likely to throw up by the end of it. My mother has been through this, and yet she finds it amusing that i am experiencing the hot sensations. She laughs and hands me papers to fan my face. The other day, I switched the air conditioner on high fan. I set the thermostat as far as I could possibly get it to go, and I dared anyone to touch it. She got her sweater and began to complain about the air conditioning and how cold it was getting. I guess it was pretty mean of me to look at her and say she was developing a cold flash, and then laugh. I got out the portable heater and told her to use it in her room. She seemed angry, but she hasn’t teased me since.

I realized my ceiling fan is working

My son was getting ready for his first day of school, and I was so proud. He was my youngest, and he was growing up too fast. As I walked him through the door, he stopped suddenly. My heart thudded because I was thinking maybe he’d changed his mind, and I would have to take him back. I was so wrong. He pulled my hand then i could come down to his level. As he looked me in the eye, he put his puffy fingers on my cheek, and he said to go home. He was a strong willed boy who didn’t want to be walked all the way into school. I was heartbroken. My best friend brought over a bottle of vodka, and we ended up drinking, and practicing our non-professional and very limited skills of electrical rewiring. We tried to set up a ceiling fan that I had bought a year earlier. I didn’t have air conditioning and the vodka was making us warm. We really thought the fan was going to be a good substitute for the air conditioning. It wasn’t until I ended up on the ground, with sparks flying from my ceiling fan, that I realized alcohol and electricity do not mix. My brother in law fixed the mess that we made, and I took about an hour and went to the store to buy a lightweight air conditioner. I put it inside the window, and all I needed do was plug it in. It was so much easier than installing a ceiling fan. I still had to call my brother-in-law to help me with the insulation, but my house was cooler. My little boy came home and said that he missed me that day.

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We’re all glad that it’s cold

I tend to enjoy noise in the background. I don’t mean I want to have a lot of people around, because then I am paying attention to what they are saying, and I don’t get anything done. I will turn on the television for the “white noise”, but it can’t be a show with content that is important. I’ll turn on the cartoon channel, or the channel that keeps running reruns from twenty and thirty year old television. People’s voices drive me nuts, but TV people voices are soothing, and I feel like there are people in the room who don’t care if I’m there, and I can’t turn their voices volume as low as i wish. I like the sound of the fan while I am working. I don’t care if it’s needed, but I do enjoy the droning hum it makes. I have been known to turn on the air conditioning even if the temperature is in the 70’s, just to have  the soothing sounds that come from it. I will not turn on the heater for the same thing. I like the air to have a chill, and not be hot. When the heater is on, I feel as if I am about to suffocate. My girlfriend says I am a little crazy, but I call it creative eccentricity. I am better when the air is cooler because I’m not itchy and sticky from the heat. I’m not looking for a way to warm up. I can make my own heat from movement. Maybe I am a little bit crazy, but it makes me unique. At least I think it makes me unique.

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My first repair call

When my neighbor gave the description of the man creeping around my property, I was shocked when I noticed the resemblance. It was my HVAC repair technician.The detective agreed to bring the HVAC repair technician in for further questioning. There was no way that this man could have been the cause of my air conditioning troubles. Maybe my neighbor had just seen him when he was at my home to repair the air conditioning system. I asked her to think carefully about when she saw him, and she said that this was roughly six weeks back. If that were the case, he would have definitely been at my home before I ever reported the first air conditioning problem. What would his motive be for damaging my air conditioning system? I did not know this man before I called the HVAC repair center. If he had damaged my A/C unit as an easy way to make money in service costs, he would have needed to know that I would definitely telephone his particular HVAC shop to deal with the repair. I had never used that HVAC mechanic shop before; consequently, there was no way for him to know that I would call him. It did not make sense to me. When the detective spoke to the HVAC repair man, he vehemently denied ever coming to my house before the earliest repair call. However, my neighbor successfully identified the man as the one she saw in my yard. One of them would have to be lying, and I was eager to find out who it was.

I can’t stand the sounds coming from the air conditioner

Recently, our air conditioning system has been showing signs that it may require maintenance. Our A/C unit is only five years old, and I wasn’t expecting to have trouble with the system so soon. Of course, my son is only a couple of years old, and we already have a number issues with him. I guess it does not take that long for certain things or people to have problems! The main issue with our air conditioning system is it constantly makes a loud clanking sound. To me, it sounds like someone is standing beside the outside A/C system and banging it with a hammer. Every time I hear it I instantly run to the window to see if someone is trying to break in. I called the HVAC repair store to send someone to have a look at my system and they sent a rep to my home on the same day. After checking the A/C unit for a few minutes, he had identified the problem. He took the protective cover off the the surface of the air conditioning unit and pulled an object right out of the area where the fan goes. The object he pulled out was a sizable brick. I asked him how a brick could have made it into my A/C unit, and he said that someone had deliberately set it there. The clanking noise was the fan hitting up against the brick. Someone had intentionally attempted to break my A/C unit. He advised that I call the police and file the incident. A detective came to my home and took a statement from me.

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