Trying to understand the concept

I just happen to work in a local shop. It’s a moderately successful small business located in a tiny town. I guess that i’m glad to just work here, because inside the shop itself is typically slow-moving. It’s not that I don’t like to work, I simply have a hard time moving these days and working at job with a slightly slower pace is really good for me. We do receive quite a bit of online orders from a number of people across the country, but for reasons unknown, i’ve always found it easier to deal with those customers than the ones who come inside the store! There was one time, a few weeks ago, when I had to accommodate a customer in the store who simply would not want to understand that the thermostat was old. I know that sounds foolish, but just wait. This customer found our heating and cooling system being too outdated for his taste. He wasn’t comfortable with the temperature in the shop and decided to let me know that the air conditioner was turned up too high. I was alone working in the store during the time, and like I mentioned, i’ve got a tough time getting around. It took me about five minutes to get to the thermostat, and by the time I got back from turning down the thermostat, this customer was already so angry with the uncomfortable HVAC system, that he had left. This is a big reason why I enjoy handling orders online as of late.

programmable thermostat 

Burning wood

I’ve always loved to read, for my whole life that I can remember. Even when I was a young child, I recall laying by the fireplace with a novel. My parents thought that it was essential for us to learn a lot, so they had us read all the time. We are not allowed to sit in the den with the television on, so we mostly sat near the fireplace with our books. We lived in an section of the country that was very cold most of the year, so the fireplace was almost always on. When I decided to move away for university, I picked a warm destination. There was no dependence on a crackling fireplace in that area, and I ached for the sound of the fireplace while I read books. My boyfriend wanted to surprise me on my birthday. He bought me an electric fireplace that looks and sounds just like a real wood-burning fireplace. The one thing missing with the electric fireplace is the sweet aroma of the wood burning. The electric fireplace really sounds like crackling fire, and emits heat just like a real fireplace does. It is quite cozy, especially on the rare occasions that it’s only 60 degrees here. Sometimes I miss my hometown a lot, but the fireplace is something I can have at school. I was very touched by the lovely gift from my partner. He bought me a thing that eased my homesickness. I can take the fireplace with me whenever I travel now, and I always sit and listen for the sound of the crackling fire.

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Heating and cooling system

My husband and I couldn’t wait for our summer holiday. We hadn’t seen our family in forever. They were planning to be in town for a few weeks during the summer, and we were both looking forward to it. I knew that we needed to prep the house for guests, because we had both been working overtime as of late. Not only that, but my wife’s grandmother would be staying with us, and she wasn’t used to the summer seasons here. Where I live gets wickedly hot and humid, a far cry from the cool summers she’s used to. I needed to ensure our air conditioning system would operate efficiently, especially with so many extra people around. I called the local heating and cooling business to schedule my HVAC for a once-over. They were pretty fully booked, so we had to wait for a few days. The technician got to my house early on the day he was scheduled to be there. This showed me that respected my time, which I was happy about. The tech then started ” shopping ” our HVAC unit. He used our garden hose to remove all of the surplus dust and dirt from our outdoor HVAC condenser. He also made a point of checking the unit’s electrical fittings and mechanical parts. He visually inspected the unit inside our house as well. All told, the entire diagnosis took around an hour. I was satisfied with the service, and it didn’t even cost that much. I no longer had to worry about our air conditioning breaking when my family was in town.

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We’re happy about this heat pump

My sister Ronnie and I are living together. Ronnie and I jump into new fads every month. One month we decided to get fit. We went to yoga classes, tried spin class and power walked. One month we tried our hand at making pottery and totally failed it. This month Ronnie has that in her mind that she likes to save the environment. She really wants to reduce her carbon footprint and get energy efficient. So Ronnie and I are biking to and from work every day. We are composting anything that can be. We are relying on a veggie garden for some our foods. We are also wanting to make our HVAC equipment more natural. It is currently summertime, so we are just concerned about the air conditioner in the meantime. To not use AC the maximum amount you can really cool down the home. Blackout curtains are pretty efficient at stopping the natural sunlight from getting in and making your house hot. But Ronnie and I agreed on the fact that those kind of curtains were ugly. You also can try using regular fans and put ice in front of the vents. That is obviously ugly too. My sister and I are seriously looking at removing our current HVAC system and having a geothermal heat pump installed. This will never create the heated and air conditioning filled air. Instead it simply uses your already prepared to use air. The outdoor pump unit is additionally buried under ground to use that temperature too. It sounds like the absolute perfect solution for the energy efficient plan. The geothermal heat pump sounds like it could save the society!

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What is going on with our office air conditioner

I work a typical nine to five job. It’s not the most exciting, but it pays me well and the benefits are incredible. The business is situated in an old complex with roughly ten or so other businesses. The office complex has been around for several decades, so it’s very outdated. Just last week, our HVAC system discontinued working. When it first stopped, we checked in with our next door neighbors and they told us they weren’t having any difficulties with their HVAC systems. So then my boss contacted the local HVAC business in town and scheduled a professional to come assess the situation. He said he’d arrive between two and three that afternoon. Unfortunately, he didn’t arrive until five when we were all trying to head out for the day. He took about an hour to figure out the situation, and eventually told us that our HVAC system had to be completely replaced. It hadn’t been serviced properly in the last 2 years, so it broke down. The professional told my boss that if she would’ve had it maintenanced at every six months like recommended, then it could’ve lasted for another several years! To make matters even worse, because our structure was so old, we couldn’t just pick just any new HVAC system to install. There were actually only a few on the market that were reasonably priced and accommodating for our building. The system we decided on ended up taking a whole week to come in. It became so hot and miserable inside the office, so my boss let us all come in early at sunrise and then leave at 10, before the temperature increased. We’re so glad to have our normal hours back and some cold air again!

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The A/C is dripping

I currently rent the basement space underneath a local grocery store. The rent is super cheap plus the basement is super spacious. I have created a gym with a few folding mats, a stereo and may equipment. I can do my gymnastics routines down there and not be disturbed either. I love tumbling within the basement since it is so cool and private. There is not any AC in the down there, but I don’t even need it. What I do need can be is a big bucket. In the Summer i always deal with the same difficulty, a leak in ceiling. Water leaks through the ceilings and onto my mats, ruining them. Then the sponge tiles get wet and heavy. Basically the ceiling is just about all pipes now. The water has caused a lot of serious damage. I have a hunch for what is happening. I think that when I exercise vigorously all the heat that I am creating rises to the ceiling. My ceiling is that grocery store’s floor. The store has a massive air conditioner unit set up right above me for their cooling needs. I do believe my heat and the HVAC unit  mingle together and create a ton of condensation. The condensation then drips and pools and leaks onto the ceiling below it. Then the tile falls down and breaks from impact. It also could be the AC unit has a clogged condensate drain. That causes the air conditioner to to leak profusely. Either way, I think the upstairs cooling system is to blame for the dripping on my head. I never have shared my ideas with a store owners before. I think I am about to bring it to them and encourage them to check out their AC equipment.

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I’m looking for an air purifier

I thought it was time I would open a soup and sandwich shop  in the center of my hometown. I picked out a small building that was right in town and in my budget for rent. It was super cheap and building was in good condition. I was so shocked when I got it for such a great steal. I then had workers in the building to arrange the counters, floors and new kitchen area equipment. The whole place looked  fantastic and I opened the business right up. I had an extremely good first week, but I noticed a problem. I figured out within quick why my rent was so low. There were no functioning windows in my building. I had two front windows that did not even open and a door. There was no air ventilation to talk about in here. So all the cooking smells stayed with the building. Also the hot air from the ovens would remain in here. I got a robust AC system to help out with the climate control issues. The air conditioner helped the heat issue, but not enough with the scent. The smell of all different soups and cakes floated all around all day. Also any time something burned real bad, the smell would linger in there for hours. I considered installing new windows or simply making my existing windows work. I then was told by way of friend of mine to get an air home cleaner. The air purification system sets pairs with your AC. The air purifier cleans smells and improves air quality. I really felt this indoor quality of air product for the right fit. It works fantastic and did not cost a fortune.

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This fireplace has us all feeling comfortable

My girlfriend Kate is focused on adding more corny romance to our lives. Her and I constantly try to do things that are considered romantic. But, some of these romantic things are just lots of work and no fun. Setting out pink rose petals takes forever and then it is important to clean them up. Having a picnic in the tick woods sounds so cute, but a mosquitoes are horrible. The worst was when Katie wanted to have a “cozy” wood burning heating system in our home. She was desperate for a real fireplace that burns wood. The natural burning fire sound and smell apparently is considered very romantic. I already knew it would be a huge pain and it never failed to disappoint. The heating system was a great deal of work for me. Have you ever split wood before? Wood gets burned up so quickly we had to chop for hours to just get about one measly hour of heat. Also the stench was okay, but the lung burning ash and smoke was just awful. Our whole home smelled similar to a house fire and we had a layer of ash on our furniture. I also had to run the old heater system to make sure we had adequate heating. There was no sitting in front of the fire with wine and cheese. I was working at all times, muddy and so cold. Katie and I were always bundled up in blankets, keep in mind the fire going full blast. We tried the heater a few more times before we totally gave up and relied on an electric based heater. It was not as “romantic”, but that it was much less work and not half as messy!

I can’t believe these repairs

I have too many expenses on my plate at this moment. I just graduated from college last year and I still have owed funds following me. I also am responsible for a car payment, health. Renters and car insurance and rent. Any added expense are is my friend in any respect. It is like the world knows while I  am tight for money though. I wanted to get this one big college loan taken care of. So I decided to pay off the full loan and decided to tighten my belt financially. This was of course the exact time the air conditioner decided to not ever turn on again. It is hottest month of Summer, super sticky and damp. I want air conditioning more than anything. So to try and get the old  AC back in action, I tried to do my very own personal cooling repair. I tried to thoroughly clean the air filter. I then decided to buy  a brand new air filter when that did not seem to help. I vacuumed inside all nooks and crannies of the AC system. I also washed the black mold from the old cooling coil as well as the  green algae from the condensate pipe. I then  dusted off the fan blades and added fresh lubrication for the fan motor belt. Still, the AC has yet to show any signs of life. Now I am pondering if my intensive cleaning has further damaged the air conditioner. I don’t have the means for a big cooling repair right now. My extra money was shipped off to pay my constant student loans. So I need the HVAC contractor to charge me almost nothing or my AC needs to magically return to up and running. at this moment just I am  waiting and hoping the air cooling device fixes itself spontaneously.

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Scheduling maintenance

I have always found it rather challenging to absorb any kind of information in an uncomfortable setting. I know that this might sound as though I am a tad fragile and oversensitive, but honestly, when a room is uncomfortable I get so distracted that I cannot seem to learn anything new. I have struggled significantly in classroom after classroom over the course of my life. I understand that I particularly struggle when I have to learn in rooms that have got overactive or underactive heating and cooling systems.  Unfortunately, this means that most academic settings are uncomfortable to me. I am most affected during the duration of the winter time, because then heating and cooling systems seem to incur the heaviest usage. Sometimes this means that HVAC systems are broken, and broken HVAC systems really do not work effectively. I remember distinctly attempting to study for my calculus test inside my old math classroom back in high school, to absolutely no avail. No new information would stick. It was so hard to study because the heating system was barely functioning. I could tell that the school’s heating and cooling system really needed a maintenance check, but as I was just a student I didn’t have any say over this. It’s not as though I could schedule a maintenance check myself! Today, as an adult, I’ve realized that working from home is a good solution for me. I have a lot of control over my own heating and cooling spaces, and therefore I find I can accomplish a great deal in regards to personal productivity.

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