Why do I act like this?

Let’s just say that I came of age in a “slightly troubled” world. I had been very shy because of this for a sizable portion of my life. I decided to do something about this, and confront my childhood “troubles.” I made an appointment to see a local counselor, and my first appointment was something I will never forget. It wasn’t the “emotional break through” that I will remember, because that did not happen until much later. What I do remember vividly is the broken air conditioner that day. I had started my day off very nervous. I rested well though, partly because of my amazing air conditioner. We were suffering a horrible heatwave that month, and if you didn’t have an air conditioner, it is likely you were not sleeping too well. I managed to get ready for my appointment, jumped into my air conditioned car, and drove to the counselor’s office downtown. The heat met me much like a brick wall when I got into my car. I couldn’t wait to reach the coolness of the building’s heating and cooling system. Unfortunately, that moment didn’t occur. The counselor’s office was having a huge issue with the HVAC system, so there was no air conditioning whatsoever. They didn’t even have any electric fans! It was actually hotter in the building than it was out in the open! I made my way down the hall, sweating and ready to go home. My therapist was sweating profusely, too, and we both started laughing for the silliness of the whole situation. It was a great ice breaker. We decided to postpone the appointment until the air conditioner was fixed, and fortunately we had better luck next time.

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