What happened to the air conditioner?

It’s my job to take it easy and stay home on the fourth of July. This is because my three dogs and my cat are terrified of fireworks. The kids in my neighborhood always light those super loud fireworks all day long and my poor pets are often freaked out by them. This fourth, I made sure they were comfortable and had their favorite snacks to distract them. However, I woke up at dawn to a broken air conditioning system. It was a becoming a brutally hot day and temperatures were on the rise. I could tell my dogs were already miserable from the loud fireworks and now they were overheating without this central air conditioning, too. I called an HVAC technician only to find out their prices were nearly triple a result of the holiday. I called a lot more local HVAC companies but of course they were all closed for the holiday weekend and said I would have to wait a few days. I didn’t know the direction to go. All I knew was that it was going to be a long day without an air conditioning system. Then I had an idea. I packed a bag, ushered the dogs and cat into the car and drove up to my parent’s house. They live two hours away, but I would have driven double that to be cool again and I think my pets would have agreed! When I arrived on the scene, my dogs ran straight inside and curled up next to the air conditioning vents. It’s like they knew what they were missing all along.