What does HVAC even stand for

You often observe the acronym HVAC often upon signs, trucks, and ads but most people don’t know what the letters actually mean. The letters stand for the words Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning. The purpose of HVAC technology is to improve indoor quality of air and to provide a cozy, clean environment for businesses, homes, and vehicles. It falls below the umbrella discipline of mechanical engineering, utilizing scientific principles of thermodynamics, heating transfer and fluid mechanics. Everything you need sounds very complex, and now and again, it can be. That’s why it’s extremely important to hire only HVAC certified technicians to operate on your heating, cooling and additionally air purification systems. To become a certified air conditioning and heating technician, a person will need to go into a trade school or paid apprentice program for up to six years. It can be difficult to find a good apprentice program, so most would-be technicians go to a trade or technical school to master the basics first before trying to obtain employment as a paid AC professional. The field is competitive and obtaining certification makes it that much easier to obtain the job you want. Heating, A/C, and ventilation cover various disciplines, from residential to industrial. Specialties may include refrigerated air, indoor air quality and purification systems, gas and energy heaters and furnaces, air circulation, and exchange. Inventors and entrepreneurs are continually working on methods to increase energy efficiency and smarter temperature controls. Components like the smart thermostat which operate via the online world are always being updated as well as improved. The HVAC industry is a good career choice for those trying to get advancement, good pay and the chance to grow with impressive technology.