What a nice vacation

A few months back, I took a trip down south to visit a few of the major theme parks. While I was there, I stayed in a very new resort that had recently opened in the local community, and had been getting superb reviews online. I booked some sort of suite, and I must say that the resort was a great deal of fun. I ended up not going to some of the other parks just to stay at this one! First of all, they had this awesome water slide right next to their triple Olympic sized swimming pool. I must have gone down that thing 100 times, and even better, at the edge of the pool was an air conditioned swim-up bar so you could get a drink and cool off without leaving the actual pool. Down south, the summers can be especially hot, but this resort had a great deal of air conditioning going on. It seemed like they had figured out ways to bring AC to the outdoors. They had several wide open hallways and rooms which were all constantly being pumped with AC that definitely couldn’t be retained. That was really nice just going for a walk around the resort, because you would constantly walk through large clouds of cooling that had escaped from the buildings! I don’t know what they must have been paying in utility costs, but it must have cost a lot of money to power all those air conditioning units. I talked to a manager, who told me the site was actually eco-friendly, and they used a series of geothermal heat pumps to pull energy right out of the earth and used it to power the HVAC systems.

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