What a gorgeous place to live

I had my first house all by myself and I was very proud to be able to afford it. I was only in my early twenties at the time and most of my friends could barely afford to pay rent. I had worked very hard all the way through high school to put profit savings and it had paid back. Now, some 15 years later, I am getting ready to distribute that same house and I have to be sure that everything is ready before I use it the market. I had many things checked like, the roof, windows, foundation, things like this, but when it came to help you my heating and cooling system I ran into a problem. I never really put a lot of thought into my heating together with air conditioning unit and had never have annual inspections done for the past several years. I guess my life was busy and I felt that providing when I had turned it on and it worked, without any issue. I called my local heating and cooling company to have them send out a technician to seem it over assuming that everything would be just fine. After a thorough inspection, he came up to me with terrible news and I knew it was going to cost me big money. The system was only working at about 60% efficiency and needed some serious attention and the ductwork really needed to be washed. Even with everything that they made it possible to do it would only better it’s in efficiency by approximately 15 to 20% and I would need to disclose that on my company’s agreement. Armed with this information, I spoke with my realtor and decided whether I would sell the house at the fewer price to compensate for my heating and cooling system or replace the application. Either way it will charge me money.