We’re happy about the clean air

Have you ever wondered why farmers live such healthy lives? The air you breathe, water you drink, and the food you eat all help make you who you are. People who grow food and raise livestock for a living know this better than most. They tend to eat only what they raise and cook food that is healthier than those of us who purchase ready made items in the local grocery store. My grandfather was a farmer, and although he enjoyed the occasional cigar, lived to be over 90 years old. I live in the city and I am surrounded by toxins and pollution. I must rely on my HVAC system to supply the ventilation I need to have healthy air in my home. There is a factory just blocks away, and the smoke in the air is so thick that I wonder about the affects it may be having on my body. I’m being dramatic, however I undoubtedly know that my air filters make the difference between my being sick or healthy.  Did you know one of the main reasons the HVAC systems were developed wasn’t temperature control? It was the need for proper ventilation. Without a clean air, buildings would start to foster germs and spread diseases. Either that, or the chemicals produced by companies would make the employees sick. When you hear about some offices being “sick buildings” it usually means improper ventilation has caused a buildup of poor things in the air quality. As time went on, they developed HVAC systems for the home to clean the air and the byproduct of this technology was the cool comfort that we enjoy today.  At least if we must live in a city, and not on the farm, we can still enjoy clean air.

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