We want a new heat pump

For the past months, my dad and I have been making homemade wine. We’ve had such positive feedback from friends and family, that we’ve decided to expand our operation. Instead of producing a few gallons of wine within the basement, we’re planning to create a winery and produce several 1,000 gallons of wine. Constructing a building was very easy, because all we really need is an open space to work and then a shelving system to hold the carboys. We called in an electrician to look at the wiring, and an HVAC technician that will help figure out the heating together with cooling. It is extremely important that this wine is kept at a continuous, cool temperature all year round. The area where we live is fairly perfect for growing grapes as a result of the harsh winter weather and hot summers. Unfortunately, that means that some form of HVAC is necessary for almost all the year. We need to install a temperature control unit that definitely will handle both heating and cooling, but we certainly can’t afford to fork out a ton for purchasing and installing the gear. We’re not prepared to put money into ductwork and we have no ways to access natural gas. We were looking for an electric system that will be both compact and energy efficient. The HVAC contractor has advised a ductless heat pump, which runs on electricity, no complex installation, and effectively keeps up ideal temperatures. The HVAC contractor has assured us that the installation process will only take a short period of time and won’t cost a lot to undertake. Because the system features wi-fi access, we will be able to keep an eye on temperature inside the winery from an app on our mobile phones.

ductless heat pump