We can fix this toilet

At our home, the toilet is a persistent problem. Sometimes the toilet will endlessly run until we are short of water. Sometimes the bathroom will continually clog, refuse to flush, or overflow. My husband and I have cautioned the kids to use not much toilet paper and never get rid of any foreign objects. We maintain a plunger within easy reach, and always have a method to obtain toilet parts on hand. In the beginning, we used to call a professional plumber for toilet repair. Hiring a plumber is incredibly costly, and we soon realized that we could not afford professional service. My husband began researching using the web, and taught himself how to fix toilet concerns. He invested in a very good set of tools, including an awfully large pipe wrench, plumber tape, a snake and the best plunger available. I’m extremely impressed with this husband’s toilet repair skills. He can replace a toilet in under an hour. Over the years, we’ve learned that buying the most affordable toilet available is not a good method to save money. The substandard models tend to wear out quickly, provide substandard flushing, and stain very easily. We have two bathrooms in the house, and it seems that one toilet or other is always malfunctioning. I’m not sure if these problems are caused by our hard water or that we have five children. We cope with plumbing emergencies so often that my family now calls my husband Toilet Man, and we’ve even come up with a catchy theme song for the dog. My husband even gets calls from the neighbors for help with their plumbing problems.