This smart app works great

I have been having the most fun with our current HVAC installation and all the current apps I had installed separate from telling any of my family. I am the head of the household and when my fiance goes to work every day she brings home the paycheck. Separate from me nobody would know what to do next. I keep this home in order from day to night and from the start of the week to end. I keep my home in order from month to month and season to season! What would happen if no person ever ran tests on the HVAC unit as I do? I thought my family needed a little lesson in this area so I had the Smart App installed on my phone and through the control unit. When people were home I started to mess with the hot and cold temperatures. I would turn on the air conditioning until they were absolutely cold or I would turn on the heat to make it similar to a sauna. I just kept waiting for someone to complain. I didn’t supply them enough credit and over dinner a single night I asked if anyone had notice the HVAC component flipping out at all. They quietly nodded. I asked why nobody spoke up about it and I gained the best answer ever. They told me that they think how strenuous I work to keep this home afloat that they didn’t want to worry me with another problem. They thought it could be costly to repair. My oldest child even called down to the local HVAC provider to see if she could come by this week to check on it. But she knew maintenance was in our best interest and thought she could handle it. I really didn’t supply them enough credit.

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