This is quite difficult

I got myself a house last year out in a very rural area about 20 minutes from work. It was a foreclosure but not in terrible condition. I had to fix a portion of the plumbing and repair several kitchen tiles but overall I got a great deal on the place and was very excited to move in. However, one thing it didn’t have was a central heating and air conditioning system. I didn’t think much of it because most of the time the weather isn’t that bad, and I don’t even have to use the air conditioner or heating. In the summer time, I use a basic window air conditioning unit, and in the winter, I just use a compact electric space heater. The problem is, I just found out my company is looking to transfer me to a different country for at least two years, and now I have to sell my house. Talk about a pain in the neck. I have had a lot of interest so far, but as soon as people learn that it doesn’t have a good central heating and air conditioning equipment already installed, they give me the cold shoulder. Sometimes I even offer to drop the price a few thousand dollars and they still won’t budge unless I tell them it has air conditioning. I can’t understand why it’s such a selling point. It’s easy to have a new HVAC system of their choosing put in right when they move in. I don’t want to purchase an HVAC unit for this house just to be able to sell it. I would definitely lose additional money. I’m hoping someone will make a great offer soon. I have to get on a plane to my new life in three months.

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