This hard water is tough

My partner and  I chose our  lake house because of the location and the amount of space.  We  always rented apartments in the city, and the two of us were anxious to move to the country and enjoy open spaces and privacy.  We have enjoyed putting in gardens, mowing the grass, and  spotting deer, rabbits and improving  our yard.  Because the two of us had always had access to town water, the two of us never considered the numerous disadvantages of well water.  Our lake house is equipped with a well that provides a plentiful supply of water, however it is overrun with contaminants.  The water has such a high level of calcium, lime and  rust that the two of us can’t drink it.  We need to have weekly deliveries of spring water to drink and cook with.  The well water tastes awful, smells terrible and destroys everything it comes in contact with.  I cannot run a dishwasher because our water stains the dishes and destroys the appliances.  The buildup of lime and rust means that I need to replace my washing device and water heating system every couple of years.  I need to clean the aerators in the faucets every month  or my sink and tub fixtures will  abruptly corrode and must be replaced.  The sink, tubs, plus toilets are always stained and the drastic cleaning chemicals wreck the finish.  Our pale white linens and clothing gradually yellow and  my dentist has informed me that my teeth have more plaque buildup because of my horrible water.  The hard water is also a devastation for our skin, hair and every aspect of the plumbing system.  Our drains clog, the pipes gradually become jammed and corrode, and even the toilets malfunction frequently.  I swear that I’m forced to call a plumber nearly every week and it is very expensive.   

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