This air purifier will keep us clean

My whole life, I have loved to cook. I started out as a little girl with a play oven and followed my passion all the way through to culinary school after I graduated high school. As a result, I cook a lot at my house. It’s how I unwind. Because my kitchen sees so much action, the air vents above my stove are constantly sucking up air that is contaminated with kitchen grease. To be honest, I never really thought too much about what happened to the air after it went into the air vents. I don’t know anything about HVAC systems, and just assumed that my air conditioner came with some sort of air purification device to keep the air clean. I was forced to interact with my air conditioner for the first time when the A/C suddenly stopped working. I was very confused, and just tried to reset the thermostat. That worked for a few minutes, but before long my air conditioner had stopped working again. I decided to call in an HVAC service technician. I knew I was in need of professional help. When the HVAC repair man arrived, he took one look at my air filter and told me that I needed to change it immediately. The air filter was caked with dust, debris and kitchen goo. Apparently, when the air filter and air vents aren’t clean, it makes it hard for air to circulate through the air ducts. That makes the air conditioner work harder, and eventually causes the machine to overheat. A safety mechanism causes the air conditioner to shut off if it overheats. He told me that I need to change my air filter often to prevent this from happening again.

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