The weather is making things complicated

When ever asked to go to a conference for work, I always stress about what to pack. I am required to travel many times out of the year, and going across country, you never know what the weather will be like. Take for instance when I go southwest, the days are extremely hot and the evenings can be cool and arid and dry. I always like to try and pack light too. I need to look professional at meetings and cocktail parties while still being comfortable. This means that I need I need to pack a lot of layers for unexpected weather. I am usually pretty good at this, but during this past Fall, I was caught off guard by way of sudden heat-wave that landed in the New England area. I planned for cooler days, not 80 degree days. They were experiencing an Indian Summer which they feel is the last breath of summer and the majority of the places we were meeting at did not have air conditioning. The people who live in these areas don’t get many nice days so when they have them, they want to be outside. I was wearing a warm layered suit and sweating excessively through my meetings. Even if I removed the jacket, it would still blazing hot. All I needed to do was head back to my hotel room where the HVAC system would have me cool and comfortable. I could not imagine living somewhere I would have to savor the few warm summer days and suffer through long cold winters as many people do. They depend on their HVAC systems for heat and rarely use them for cooling. I use mine to maintain my home temperature at a comfortable 70 – 75 degrees year round.