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I spent my childhood years in a really harsh associated with harsh climate zones. I will spare you the details as to what the name and latitudes and longitude coordinates of my town were, but I must say there’s no colder, more intensely windy setup the known universe. Everyday starts out so cold that no human has the ability to go outside without sporting the full body-suit, mask, and goggles. Even then, the wind cuts through also, you are reduced to a shivering clutter within minutes. This is also the one place in the universe where there are real dragons still living, though I will spare you those details too. I no longer live there. When my air conditioner hums sweetly on hot summer days, I always think returning to that awful place. Furnaces were all I knew growing upward. It wasn’t until I was fifteen years old, that I first heard reference to climate control systems that actually are intended to cool the air that blows from the HVAC vents. As far as I was concerned, “HVAC system” meant the very same thing as “heater”. As it turns out though, some places require A/C! Treasure the heavens! I couldn’t believe that there was clearly actually places where you didn’t here is a heater or fireplace to be cooking away constantly. The elders of our community thought this climate control knowledge should be kept secret until an individual was no longer a infant. When the phrase “air conditioner” was whispered for me on my fifteenth birthday, I knew immediately that this climate control implement and also the need thereof was to be a part of my life immediately.

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