Scrubbing out my home

Have you ever heard the saying you are what you eat? The air you breathe, the water you drink, and the food you eat all helps make you who you are. Country folks call it clean living, and I can’t imagine a better term for it. People who have experienced life where they grow their own food and cook from scratch have a different outlook on life than those who live in the city. They also have the luxury of simply sitting out on the porch and breathing in fresh air in the evening instead of living in climate-controlled spaces that require filters to keep the air clean.  I am one of those people who lives in the city and sometimes dream of one day moving outside to where there are wide open spaces and plenty of trees. I am surrounded by toxins and pollution and must rely on my HVAC system to provide the ventilation I need to breathe well. My building even installed separate air purification systems in each apartment just to ensure that the residents are healthy. Without  this I may be forced to take allergy medications and I could possibly become ill from germs that may be spreading throughout the building.  I would love to one day just be able to open my windows and breathe in the night air instead of the smog that rises from the streets below.  Maybe one day in the future when I retire I can do this and only have to rely on my HVAC system when it is truly hot outside or in the middle of winter when it is snowing. I may even grow a small garden myself one day just for the enjoyment of doing so.