Planning a big trip

We always dreamed of going on a safari type of vacation, but didn’t want to deal with the desert heat. We did some research and decided that a trip to somewhere that had a tropical rainforest would be more comfortable, but boy were people wrong. The travel brochures looked so enticing with the quaint little huts you can stay in, and all of the tropical fruit that would be available regularly. They should have had an additional brochure that showed the large amount of the bugs that lived in those areas and the amount of humidity in those huts. Those quaint little huts had no version of an HVAC system, and only had screens on the windows to keep the bugs out while you were sleeping. The daily tracks through the jungle were beautiful and a portion of the animals were amazing but we returned each day sweaty and hot and wanting relief from the heat and humidity. My girlfriend even threatened to head to a local hotel and leave me in the jungle a couple of times. We planned our trip to be a week-long stay, however, after three days we decided we had enough. We asked our local guide which the closest resort was that had a hotel with the amenities that we were in need of. They said that happened often with individuals who were not prepared to live a jungle life without any subsequent form of air conditioning. He directed us to a hotel resort about 20 miles away that had air conditioning, an in-ground pool, and a restaurant. We thought that we had died and gone to heaven as we sat and relaxed by the pool looking forward to a cool night of sleep in air conditioning. I guess we aren’t the adventurous types we imagined we were, or at least not the types to rough it for a long period of time.

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