We’re loving this heater

My first apartment was surprisingly in a big city. I had a housing group with the city help me find it. There were clearly older buildings and tenants willing to work with young people starting out. You couldn’t afford anything within this city anymore. There was a little kitchen, my own bathroom, a massive closet then a main room. It worked for me plus a bonus was heat was included! I hated being cold and I was always cold, even when it was hot. The heater was an gas heater that I hadn’t ever seen before. I had no control or say over when the heat was turned on or to what temperature it heated my tiny apartment. The owner had the heater ready to go on timers in daytime, early morning and never at nighttime, which was when I got home from work. So I was always cold. If I happened to be home when the heaters turned off, ironically, it was so hot in my apartment I had to keep my porch door and windows open simply to get some cool air. I ended up having to own a portable electric heater to keep me warm in the evening which made my utility bill sky rocket with the extra heat. I was bummed and talked to the landlord about maybe just some fifteen-minute window of heat during the night. He said that he would look at it. If he doesn’t, it’s layers for me. The electric heater is out of my budget.

The newest air system

I can be sucked into a ‘new and great’ idea extremely easily. I admit I’m pretty vulnerable in that way with the next new thing. I was watching tv one night and I saw an ad for Pure Air systems. It is supposed to help if you happen to suffer from allergies. My house is divided with half of my loved ones struggling every Spring and Summer. This commercial just kept talking about how amazing the filter system is to remove allergens from your house. The number of filters is pretty high at sixteen. I was trying to be optimistic though. I thought their use of a UV bulb was quite interesting as well and the idea that it could be pretty silent was a perk. Many units are very loud. I called up the local HVAC provider to talk about coming out to the house. They even brought their own licensed electrician with them to do the work! The moment of truth was coming. It was really loud to start, but I just thought it was getting warmed up. After all it was a fresh filtering system. But as the days passed the sound only got worse. I had to call your HVAC technician out twice to check on it, only to find that UV bulbs and expensive filters needed to be replaced again after just a couple of months. I was so unbelievably disappointed. The final straw was when our utility bill came with this new air purifying system and it had doubled rather than decreased our energy costs!

HVAC contractor 

I’m worried about my allergies

My allergies are the worst! I feel like I was born with allergies. That’s as long as I remember feeling so awful, especially during springtime. It’s just not fair, since no-one else in my family suffers like I do. You wouldn’t believe how insensitive they get about my allergies and the HVAC system in the house. They run the cooling system constantly when it is barely hot outside. My parents don’t have a ton of money and told us that they cannot afford to get the unit serviced by an HVAC technician and specifically told us to be mindful. That means that the oxygen filters will not get changed out and cleaned regularly like they should for someone who suffers like me. And to a person with allergies that’s a death sentence, especially since the majority of the allergens I suffer from clog up those same ducts. The more this system is run, the more the filters clog up! I have told my friends and family, but no one cares since they don’t suffer as badly. They tell me I am overreacting. Just once, I would love for them to understand what it’s like have my sinus’ when the HVAC unit is without a proper cleaning or maintenance routine.

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Planning a big trip

We always dreamed of going on a safari type of vacation, but didn’t want to deal with the desert heat. We did some research and decided that a trip to somewhere that had a tropical rainforest would be more comfortable, but boy were people wrong. The travel brochures looked so enticing with the quaint little huts you can stay in, and all of the tropical fruit that would be available regularly. They should have had an additional brochure that showed the large amount of the bugs that lived in those areas and the amount of humidity in those huts. Those quaint little huts had no version of an HVAC system, and only had screens on the windows to keep the bugs out while you were sleeping. The daily tracks through the jungle were beautiful and a portion of the animals were amazing but we returned each day sweaty and hot and wanting relief from the heat and humidity. My girlfriend even threatened to head to a local hotel and leave me in the jungle a couple of times. We planned our trip to be a week-long stay, however, after three days we decided we had enough. We asked our local guide which the closest resort was that had a hotel with the amenities that we were in need of. They said that happened often with individuals who were not prepared to live a jungle life without any subsequent form of air conditioning. He directed us to a hotel resort about 20 miles away that had air conditioning, an in-ground pool, and a restaurant. We thought that we had died and gone to heaven as we sat and relaxed by the pool looking forward to a cool night of sleep in air conditioning. I guess we aren’t the adventurous types we imagined we were, or at least not the types to rough it for a long period of time.

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The weather is making things complicated

When ever asked to go to a conference for work, I always stress about what to pack. I am required to travel many times out of the year, and going across country, you never know what the weather will be like. Take for instance when I go southwest, the days are extremely hot and the evenings can be cool and arid and dry. I always like to try and pack light too. I need to look professional at meetings and cocktail parties while still being comfortable. This means that I need I need to pack a lot of layers for unexpected weather. I am usually pretty good at this, but during this past Fall, I was caught off guard by way of sudden heat-wave that landed in the New England area. I planned for cooler days, not 80 degree days. They were experiencing an Indian Summer which they feel is the last breath of summer and the majority of the places we were meeting at did not have air conditioning. The people who live in these areas don’t get many nice days so when they have them, they want to be outside. I was wearing a warm layered suit and sweating excessively through my meetings. Even if I removed the jacket, it would still blazing hot. All I needed to do was head back to my hotel room where the HVAC system would have me cool and comfortable. I could not imagine living somewhere I would have to savor the few warm summer days and suffer through long cold winters as many people do. They depend on their HVAC systems for heat and rarely use them for cooling. I use mine to maintain my home temperature at a comfortable 70 – 75 degrees year round.

Cleaning out my air ducts

This Winter I noticed an awfully odd smell in my sister’s home. It smelled like burnt hair and dead animals. It was a terrible combination of smells. I tried everything clear the stink from her air quality too. I even tried installing an air purifier into my sister’s heating system. The air purification system didn’t really do anything and cost a lot. The air quality had gained virtually no improvement. I desperately tried some air fresheners and strong candles. Nothing successfully eliminated that bad smell. I started researching what could be causing the smell, and figured out it must be my ductwork. It turns out that every seven years that you’re supposed to call for ductwork maintenance. The HVAC contractor will come with a scrub brush and wash all of the air ducts. It had been quite a long time since my sister’s home had the HVAC ducts cleaned up. So I hired an HVAC company come up to clean her air ducts. The HVAC professional actually found a lot of extremely gross things in my sister’s air ducts! He said that they pulled out tree roots, small branches, leaves and dirt from inside the air ducts. On top of that, the air ducts had a dead squirrel with them. That was the dead carcass smell we had. How disgusting is that? With the heater system turned on, she was basically baking that dead body. That is absolutely disgusting and her house is surely polluted by now. I am so glad that this HVAC business was able to clean out my sister’s HVAC ducts and improved her air quality. It is amazing what the air ducts can have hiding inside. You should definitely close them up once they are not in use, so one of these gross things don’t get in them like my sister’s.

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My HVAC is very efficient

Are you aware that a heat pump system is the most efficient HVAC unit available? Saving energy is important when it comes to heating and cooling. If your HVAC system works harder than it has to, you just waste money. All systems have some type of flaws in how they heat or even cool. Sometimes the device is not large enough for a home, installed improperly, or wrong for your climate. Then the device costs you way too much money on bills, HVAC repairs, and other challenges. If you want to save cash and have very few repairs to your HVAC, choose a heat pump system. First of all, the heat pump is a heater and also an air conditioner. It is the only 2 in 1 HVAC system. The heat pump saves money too by not creating the AC or heating. Instead, the heat pump will bring existing heat energy outside of your house. The heat pump has an inside unit or outside unit. Through a loop system, the pump moves heat energy to either one of the units. So, for air conditioning, the warm energy is pushed to the outdoor unit, and for heating, the heat energy is pulled into the indoor unit. It’s quite simple! You can set up the outdoor unit your lawn, or buried below the ground, which means more energy savings. That’s called a geothermal heat pump, and performs even better.

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We’re enjoying our home

The warehouse I assemble car parts in has become unbearable, but since work in this county is rare these days, and I never would have dreamed there would come a time I might walk away. But that was before the corporate takeover of our beloved dealer. Now the two of us are owned by a large conglomerate,which we were told would be a good thing for our town, however what has happened has been anything but. They have fired all the aging management, lowered our benefits drastically, and even removed our access to the HVAC. Now some big wig in the bottom half of the country gets to decide how hot or cold I should feel. My coworkers and I are inside a metal building for up to twelve hours a day, and now on occasion our fingers are so cold inside our gloved hands, that we can no longer lift the merchandise. Before the current supplier stepped in, there would be a manager in the building who would set our control component according to how the temperatures were each day. And if the sun came out or it started to get colder, he would transport the control component and the two of us never had a problem, but now each day is difficult. Normally some of us are so cold, production can not be very high because people are moving slower due to the cold. My coworkers and I need access to the HVAC and a way to heat up while we work. I have sent a memo to our corporate office down south, where they are enjoying the hot sunshine, to complain about this drastic HVAC predicament. If I get fired because I need some heat to do our task, then so be it.

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Heading to where this air conditioner

As soon as my daughter Kelly’s third grade class thought to visit the local science exhibit, I volunteered to chaperone. I don’t typically enjoy visiting any museum, but I looked forward to hanging out with my daughter. The day of the field trip, the outside temperature quickly rose up to the mid nineties, and the humidity was stifling. I had hoped we would be riding in an air conditioned charter bus. I was shocked to discover that our transportation was an old school bus with no real air conditioning, bad shocks, and sticky windows that barely opened. The drive to the museum was no picnic, and by the time period we arrived, I had a vicious headache. I was actually desperate to get inside the museum, because I knew it may be air conditioned. A sign on the door of the museum explained that the air conditioning was not working and thanked all patrons because of their patience. At that point, my patience was wearing thin. I spent the complete day sweating, bored, and escorting third graders on the lavatory. Because it was brutally hot, the kids kept drinking water from the fountains and continually needed the lavatory. We spent the day looking over dinosaur bones and fossils with sweat drenching our clothes. The return trip, on a overheated bus, with no access to any sort of cooling, was even worse. I just wanted to get home, to relax in my air conditioned home, setting the thermostat very low. I doubt I will make the mistake of volunteering to chaperone another field trip anytime soon.

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The outdoor HVAC can be a big pain

I have a love hate relationship with outdoor shopping malls. I love to shop and go outside. So an outdoor mall appears like a fine idea to me. I like that I still get to experience the sunshine even when shopping. But I hate the air conditioning in the stores. It is my punishment, I guess, for enjoying this outdoor weather. The AC in each store is so intense. It is quite a shock every time I walk in the doorway. I go from being a great temperature, the sun on my face, to freezing to the bone. The AC smacks me in the face and leaves goosebumps. It would really be smarter for the stores to possess a cooling system with a higher setting on the thermostat. Have the indoor air temperature much like what it is outside. Just make it a few degrees colder. It could feel like a relief, nevertheless it really would not smack me inside the face with frostbite. What is worse is when stores have their doors opened. The AC leaks out the doorway and hits your legs whenever you walk by. Can you imagine how high those cooling costs are? They literally are throwing the AC out the door. The thermostat must be set super low to not only cool the store, but to generate a AC draft as leave. They really should close the door when they blast AC. It would be easier on the system too. The air conditioner struggles to create the ideal indoor air temperature. Opening the door is just configuring it for failure.

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