Offices compared to our home

I can easily say with confidence that although I do not know what I want to be when I’m grown, I definitely don’t wish to accomplish it in an office. I’ve just learned this recently, after having left my cushy state job to get a less luxurious position working from your home for independent contractors. Sure, I don’t employ a salary or benefits anymore, but I also don’t have to handle the hassle of getting up at dawn and commuting to work. On top of all that, my workspace is now perfectly customized to my very own personal preferences. It seems foolish, but I’m so glad to have control over the thermostat inside of my workday. I previously worked in a large institution with the most overwhelming air conditioning I’ve ever had to contend with. Between the months of May and September, the building is kept at an extreme low air temperature that feels similar to a refrigerator instead of an office building. I would sit and shiver at my desk all day, trying to remain warm inside of the powerful AC. The ventilation system was so powerful that there was nowhere to escape from the air vents, so there were drafts from every single direction. The temperature settings were clearly designed for people with warmer blood than I. Now I can stay home and adjust my thermostat with the click of a button. I don’t even really need to get up from my desk because you’ll find I have a smart thermostat! I can finally stop shivering and be entirely comfortable while I get the job done!

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