My kitchen is getting dirty

I have always, always loved to cook, but I started out as a little boy with a play stove & followed my passion all the way through to culinary school. Even after I graduated school. As a result, I cook a lot at my home. It’s how I relax! Because my study room sees so much cooking, the air vents above my stove are constantly gross and is contaminated with study room grease. To be real with you, I never really thought too much about what would happen to the air after it went into the air vents. I don’t think one thing about Heating & Air Conditioning systems, & just assumed that my a/c system came with some type of air purification device to keep the air clean. I was then made to interact with my a/c system for the number 1 time when the undefined suddenly stopped finally going. I was very not sure what to do, & just tried to reset the thermostat. That worked for a few times, but before long my a/c system had stopped finally working at all. I decided to phone in an Heating & Air Conditioning repair specialist. I knew I was in need of decent help. When the Heating & Air Conditioning repair man came over, he took a single glance at my air filter & told me that I needed to wash it right away. The air filter was layered with dust, debris & study room goop. So, when the cooling filter & air vents aren’t clean, it makes it harder for air to circulate through the HVAC ducts.

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