My HVAC is very efficient

Are you aware that a heat pump system is the most efficient HVAC unit available? Saving energy is important when it comes to heating and cooling. If your HVAC system works harder than it has to, you just waste money. All systems have some type of flaws in how they heat or even cool. Sometimes the device is not large enough for a home, installed improperly, or wrong for your climate. Then the device costs you way too much money on bills, HVAC repairs, and other challenges. If you want to save cash and have very few repairs to your HVAC, choose a heat pump system. First of all, the heat pump is a heater and also an air conditioner. It is the only 2 in 1 HVAC system. The heat pump saves money too by not creating the AC or heating. Instead, the heat pump will bring existing heat energy outside of your house. The heat pump has an inside unit or outside unit. Through a loop system, the pump moves heat energy to either one of the units. So, for air conditioning, the warm energy is pushed to the outdoor unit, and for heating, the heat energy is pulled into the indoor unit. It’s quite simple! You can set up the outdoor unit your lawn, or buried below the ground, which means more energy savings. That’s called a geothermal heat pump, and performs even better.

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