My dehumidifier is working great

A couple months ago, I had a huge problem with excess humidity at my house. Every room felt damp and sticky. It was extremely hard to sleep at night, and the air conditioner seemed to be running all the time. I kept lowering the thermostat a few degrees every time, and even though it was eventually freezing cold, I couldn’t eliminate the moisture in the air. My electric bills were ungodly high and I was worried the cooling system was becoming worn out fast. I noticed condensation running down the windows and mold growing over the sills. Nearly every week, I had to wash down the bathroom with bleach to get rid of the mildew. I tried a portable dehumidifier, but it couldn’t satisfy the demand placed on it and I was consistently dumping out water. I finally talked to a local HVAC contractor about affixing a whole-home dehumidifier. I imagined that it would cost me a fortune, and that the dehumidifier would make all kinds of noise and require lots of maintenance. I was pleasantly surprised that this dehumidifier was quite reasonable, and installed within the air handler of the existing HVAC system. I see the dehumidifier or hear it run, and I rarely need to provide any maintenance to keep it running optimally. It allows me to customize the moisture levels inside, and maintains relative humidity inside an ideal range. I no longer worry about mold or mildew, and I have been able to raise the setting to the thermostat. The savings I’ve noticed on my month-to-month electric bills have definitely recovered the money necessary for the dehumidifier. By reducing the workload on the air conditioner, I am hoping it will last longer.

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