My bathroom floor

For the first five years of our marriage, my partner I only rented apartments.  We always whined  about wasting our cash on rent as well as relying on the proprietor to handle any problems that came up.  My husband and I saved every dime and worked extra hours to buy our own house.  While I am very glad to own property, it is far more strenuous than I ever realized.  While the two of us were renting, none of the issues were our responsibility.  If the toilet was not  running properly, the tub refused to drain, or a faucet leaked, I simply called the proprietor.  I did not know how high-priced it is to hire a professional plumber.  I also had no clue how much can go wrong with plumbing, as well as what a gross mess it can make.  We’d only been living in our brand new house for a couple of weeks when the majority of drains weren’t draining effectively.  There was  always standing water in the sinks as well as bathtub, which left soap scum behind, as well as required constant cleaning. My spouse and I tried plunging, poured chemicals down the drain, and even purchased a plumber’s snake.  Reluctant to hire a plumber, the two of us just tried to ignore the issue as well and prayed it would go away on its own.  Then I noticed that the washroom floor was constantly wet.  At first, I thought my partner wasn’t toweling off properly when he stepped out of the shower.  Sadly, a pipe under the tub was leaking, which rotted the floor of the upstairs washroom as well as caused a giant  water stain on the  ceiling of the room directly below it.  

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