My air conditioner should have been shut down

My wifey plus I just installed a state-of-the-art cooling system. It keeps the apartment cool plus comfortable plus the air feels fresh all of the time. I legitimately appreciate how it feels inside our apartment and I’m able to sleep better too. I shouldn’t have anything to complain about, however my wifey does, and the problem is that the AC is too quiet. That might not seem much like a problem to most people, however since the AC is so quiet, I am regularly forgetting to turn it off when I leave the property. When my wifey comes back to the apartment before me, plus notices that the air conditioning system was running all afternoon long, she gets entirely angry plus yells at me that I need to remember to shut it off when I leave the apartment for an extended period of time. I’m usually good about it for the next few days but after that I soon forget again plus the yelling starts all over. I set reminders on my phone plus I put up a sticky note on the front door to shut off the air conditioning system, although I am just regularly in a rush in the afternoon! Yesterday, I remembered that the air conditioning system was still on as I was driving in our car about halfway to work already. I thought about turning around, however it would have made me unquestionably late to work. I suppose I figured out how to handle this problem. I am going to buy a smart thermostat for my wifey for our anniversary this weekend. This way, we can turn the air conditioning system off straight from our smart phones! She is going to be so happy!

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