Marriage problems

As a Heating plus A/C installer, it’s always really interesting when a partner plus a wife refuse to agree on what type of Heating plus A/C system they want in their current home, then it’s not abnormal for them to completely disagree. This week, a man plus woman walked in to talk about a current furnace for their large home. The partner said she wants a propane furnace, but the wife wants electric. The wife said electric is common sense plus she would eventually appreciate to offset electric costs with a solar system one day. The partner, on the other and, thinks propane would be much less expensive in the long term. I ran several calculations based on new costs of propane plus electricity. I used regular calculations gave by the government. When all was said plus done, it turned out that propane was cheaper than the electric system, but only by a small amount. The wife said it wasn’t enough of a difference plus reiterated that she plans on installing solar panels in the future so it would bring the costs down significantly. She also said how the electric upgrade has cheaper costs upfront plus is more stable in price than propane. They could use the extra currency in other areas of the home that needed to be fixed. Then the partner brought up the fact that if the electric were to go out, they would still have the propane to heat the home plus cook. They both made really wonderful fights. I do not care for getting involved with conflicts so, ultimately, it would be up to them!

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