Making me feel better

Way back when I was in highschool, I was prone to migraines plus dizzy spells where I would become incredibly ill plus would need to rest often! Thankfully our school was really understanding plus accommodating, and the nurse’s office had an open door policy for me where I could come in along with lie down on a single one of the cots when I was feeling bad. I could only do this in exceptionally terrible situations, and while the office itself was nice plus cozy, it was in a part of the building that didn’t have any AC. The only fan was on the nurse’s desk, helping to make things more bearable for her, but the rest of the room had no cooling whatsoever. When I was feeling terrible, it didn’t help to be in an uncomfortably tepid room, and it was great that many of our teachers actually understood this. They would always allow me to place my head down on the desk in their air conditioned classrooms. The school library, with its AC, was another great space for me to go when I wasn’t feeling too well. I was really appreciative of the nurse for all her help, but the nurse’s office just wasn’t a good environment to make me feel any better, of course, when I was also feeling nauseous or felt as if I might black out, I had to go there regardless of the fact that it wasn’t air conditioned. I’m really grateful our school was as great about those things as it was – any other public school might have kicked me out or tried forcing me to do things when I was not feeling too well.

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