It’s perfect in here

My area usually gets at least one giant snowstorm each winter, plus last year was no different. I’ve come to find that everyone tends to handle the situation differently! Some people head out to stay with family in a place that’s unaffected if there is warning of the incoming storm ahead of time, however I personally appreciate to simply stockpile the necessary supplies plus hunker down in preparation of the awful weather to come. My apartment has an appealing gas furnace that has kept my apartment heated through these storms for a great number of years now. I’m on a Heating plus A/C repair program that guarantees my gas furnace will be diagnosed at the end of fall, plus my A/C before Summer hits, to ensure my Heating plus A/C unit is in perfect condition before any dramatic temperature changes start. Luckily, because of this routine maintenance, my gas furnace has never failed me. With my gas furnace running to heat my home, plus a backup generator in my basement on standby just in case the snowstorms knock out the power, I’m good to go. One of my favorite ways to pass the time when I’m snowed in is to binge watch some of my favorite motion pictures. I have quite the extensive DVD collection, so with my gas furnace, generator, supplies, plus flat screen TV there isn’t anything that I really need while the roads outside are iced over plus covered in snow. I sort of wish it could be this way for the entire year so I never have to leave the heating plus comfort of my cozy little sanctuary. But eventually, the roads get cleared plus life goes on, business as usual.

stan gelber