I’m worried about these issues

Problems with the septic tank are absolutely horrible.  Hiring a licensed plumber to handle any septic troubles is severely overpriced.  My husband and  I tend to try to  tackle problems on our own, however it is truly a nasty task.  Last summer, we suffered from a flooded basement.  I wouldn’t have been terribly upset if the basement was simply flooded with tap water.  Instead, the sewer was backed up into the basement and filled with several inches of wastewater.  My husband and I put on rubber boots as well as rubber gloves and waded into the filth. My husband and I started by working on the drain situated on the floor of the basement.  My husband and I attempted to plunge it and then snake it. Him and I also tried sticking the garden hose down the drain, hoping to use the water pressure to flush away the obstruction.  When none of these efforts accomplished anything, both of us turned to the backyard  and dug up the the septic to gain access to it. Since I have a garden planted there, we destroyed a whole bunch of flowers, fruits and veggies.  This was the middle of August, therefore the  temperature was in the upper eighties with high humidity.  Digging up the septic was a hot, dirty, and a  completely horrible task.  Once both of us had access, we once again used the garden hose to combat whatever obstruction was causing the lack of drainage.  Him  and I finally had to rent a commercial plumbing snake from the local hardware store.  Him and I spent our entire day working on the septic problem and spent heaps of money on tools and supplies.  Although both of us managed to get the task done, I suppose both of us should have hired a professional plumber.  By the end of the day, I would have paid any amount of money to avoid that disgusting job.

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