I’m really happy

I always wanted a hot tub in my home, so when the opportunity arose we’d one installed out in this sunroom. We made sure to install flooring that was waterproof and even got in a separate shower for visitors to rinse off before and after the hot tub. This was truly most effective relax at the end on the long day or just to take time with my girlfriends sipping wine and laughing for hours. About a year after it was installed, I began to notice some difficulty with my curtains and with the paint to the walls. It appeared that the constant humidity of the hot tub was causing a concern and mold was starting growing in spots. We did have fans in the room to circulate the air but that wasn’t enough to fix the matter so I contacted the heating and cooling dealer to see about putting in some form of air conditioning or dehumidifier in that space. During the summer time we may simply leave the windows open knowing that gave us enough ventilation but as we use the hot tub mainly inside the winter time there was no way to achieve that. The dealer stopped by together and showed us the various options available. It made the most sense was to install a ductless system which has a dehumidifier. It would be completely separate from our other HVAC system and only maintain that room which was fine around. Now I can enjoy my hot tub as much as I want without worrying if it’s damaging our home.

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