I’m having some problems with my electric

In the month of July, we expected some really terribly rainstorms. It caused a massive amount of damage and difficulty. The high winds caused power outages, and the deluge of rain caused flooding. With no electric there were no running water, lights, and also air conditioning. Plus, the sump pump stopped operating. This meant that my basement flooded, and my home was overheated and sticky. We couldn’t even open the windows because of the rain. It was impossible to sleep in the evening. I was constantly wet with sweat and all the food in the refrigerator spoiled, and I came across mold growing on the window sills and in the walls of the basement. The water in the basement ruined my washer and dryer, and damaged the furnace. I chose to take proactive measures to stop that situation from happening again. I contacted my local HVAC designer and installer for help. He recommended that I pick up a standby generator. I was rather shocked at the money a standby generator cost, but decided that it was worth it. The flooding for the basement cost me a fortune and presented health threats. The standby generator is permanently installed and automatically starts up and provides electricity in the event of a power failure. Because it runs on propane, just like my furnace, it never needs to be refueled and can operate forever. Now, if we should experience an energy failure, my family will not be without lights, television, running water, air conditioning or the air conditioner.

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