I’m having a great time

The very best part of country living is not having to suffer through the noise and traffic that occurs with daily city life. I lived in an extremely large city for more than five years after I graduated college and I will never try to make a life for myself in such a city size again. It seems like I was always a nervous wreck, and never did sleep very well. Even the apartment HVAC system at my unit was far too loud and it would keep me awake through the night. I literally had to depend on my landlord to guarantee the repairs were kept up on the air conditioner so it would stay in sound shape and she was definitely not the most dependable person I’ve every worked with. I am blessed now that I own my own house, located in a rural location, and I am completely thrilled about my current lack of city life. I don’t have to tackle miles of traffic, and my heating and cooling system works like a dream while I grow old in the country. This quiet HVAC unit is the type of machine that is extremely dependable. I think my quality of life is now risen significantly since I made the decision to move away from the big city. I work from home, so I rarely even have to venture out to town except for a grocery run every so often. I love being able to make a living for myself without having to become an office worker with the regular nine o’clock time every morning. Perhaps the only downfall however, and a negative to my new setup is that I live in the middle of a big treeless field. With no trees to shade the house, I have to constantly run my air conditioner leading to a pretty high utility bill.  Like us all, I hate paying this huge bill. Still, I much prefer this inconvenience over having to deal with the noise, too many people and the fast-paced, sleepless nights that come with being in a big metropolitan area.

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