I would really like heated flooring

Before my family moved into the house they’re in now, we lived in a home that was raised up on cylinder bricks. Most homes in that neighborhoods were the same way, but most of them had siding. Of course, ours did not, and that made a big difference came the winter. To make matters worst, we had bare floors with area rugs for traction. When winter came, the floors were so cold from the air traveling under the house; the HVAC unit struggled to keep the house warm. We tried to buy more area rugs since it was cheaper than trying to carpet the entire house. It didn’t work.  We caught colds easily because of the icy floors. If I had my own home, I would definitely invest in heated floors. Not only would it be a lot more comfortable but it would help the HVAC unit from having to heat the roof, the air, and the floor. They would work in tandem and help with energy costs. Also, I have a large dog that sleeps on the floor. Most winter nights he is balled up on a pillow we have for him. Heated floors would provide warmth for him so he can sleep well. What I think would also be great is if the heated floors could connect to a smart thermostat like the HVAC system. I would be able to control the temperature of both at the same time from anywhere. I could preheat my floors from my bed before I actually got up. Overall, the help on energy saving would be the biggest reason for installing heated floors.  

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