I hate the dust in here

Although dust mites are much too small for the human eye to see, I have looked up pictures of these disgusting creatures.  They look something like a prehistoric monster, and they are everywhere.  They feed off dead skin and live in carpets, furniture, and bedding.  The majority of the weight of a pillow is probably caused by dust mites and dust mite feces.  Dust mites aggravate symptoms of pollen irritations and asthma, and there is no way to entirely eliminate them.  I take every possible measure to minimize their numbers though.  I have torn out all of the carpeting in our apartment in favor of hardwood floors.  I wash our bedding in boiling water every week, vacuum with a HEPA filter, and replace our pillows every week.  After some research, I discovered that dust mites thrive in hot, moist environments.  Because of this, I invested in a central cooling system along with a dehumidifier.  The A/C maintains nice, cool temperatures throughout the house, despite the exterior heat and humidity.  Plus, the A/C circulates and filters the air, trapping airborne dust and contaminants.  The dehumidifier incorporated directly into the air handler of the cooling system seriously impacts moisture levels in every room.  It allows me to regulate relative humidity, and eliminate that unpleasant, sticky feeling within the residence.  I can set the control unit to trim our monthly utility bill, without sacrificing comfort.  Combining the A/C with the dehumidifier discourages mold and mildew growth, dust mites, cockroaches and centipedes.  My new home is much cleaner, healthier, and absolutely more comfortable.   Although it’s impossible to completely get rid of dust mites, I make our new home as unwelcoming as possible for those little beasts.

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