I don’t know if this is worth the money

It is actually no big secret that running a home is quite expensive. You have got your mortgage, home insurance, flooding insurance, and property taxes but they are still just expenses that get you into your new home. Next, you have got appliances, utilities, and repair/replacement fees for roofing, windows, flooring, HVAC systems and much more. It’s no wonder that homeowners fall prey for a “service contract” or “maintenance agreement” as they believe these things will save them revenue. An HVAC service plan is an excellent contract normally. Most maintenance programs offered by heating and cooling companies are helpful and will indeed save you money. But some are not so straight forward, so make sure you do your research. If you only need air conditioning or furnace maintenance visits once a year, then a service contract probably isn’t the best thing for you. You typically need at least two visits yearly to balance the expense of a service agreement. Many people assume that a heating and cooling service plan will save you money on every single repair needed. For minor repairs, this can certainly be true, but heat exchangers and compressors are costly components and are not typically covered in the standard maintenance plan. Check your contract to know exactly what parts and services are included and which are not. There is another thing you should always watch out for. There are some unscrupulous air conditioning contractors that use their semi-annual visits as an open invitation to aggressively try to sell you on things you don’t necessarily need. When your A/C or heating technician continually tries to coerce you to ultimately buy expensive components, make sure to look into your other options. Before buying any HVAC system or maintenance plan, research the contractor. Check online reviews along with your state’s licensing board. Make sure the company has a solid reputation, reliable and truthful. After all, no one cares more about your home than you. By protecting your home, you are protecting yourself.

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