How interesting is this!

I’m a freshman in college, so, of course, I’m pretty poor. My school is in a cold, snowy place, and unfortunately the only way to warm up my apartment is with an electric heater. I had no idea how expensive it was to use an electric heater until my first energy bill came. It was over $350! I nearly fainted when I saw it. I could barely afford food, so how was I going to afford that!? I was forced to use my credit card to pay for it, but that was a quick fix to a longer problem. There were at least twelve more weeks of winter left and I needed to figure out how to stay warm. I gave it some thought and I realized I might as well put those tuition payments to good use. I packed a bag and trudged through the snow to the warmth of the University library. Their furnace is always on high, and since it’s open 24 hours they run it day and night. While I’m not planning on sleeping over, I figured if I spend a large part of my day here, it’s sure to lower the cost of my heating bills. Plus, it already has everything I would want. They have internet, plenty of chairs and sofas, and of course, tons of books. There’s even a small restaurant that serves really cheap lattes and wraps. The library heater is the ideal solution. I wouldn’t be surprised if most of the students in the library at this very moment were here purely to get out of the cold. When I graduate and buy my own house, I’m definitely not going to be running an electric heater.

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