Heading to where this air conditioner

As soon as my daughter Kelly’s third grade class thought to visit the local science exhibit, I volunteered to chaperone. I don’t typically enjoy visiting any museum, but I looked forward to hanging out with my daughter. The day of the field trip, the outside temperature quickly rose up to the mid nineties, and the humidity was stifling. I had hoped we would be riding in an air conditioned charter bus. I was shocked to discover that our transportation was an old school bus with no real air conditioning, bad shocks, and sticky windows that barely opened. The drive to the museum was no picnic, and by the time period we arrived, I had a vicious headache. I was actually desperate to get inside the museum, because I knew it may be air conditioned. A sign on the door of the museum explained that the air conditioning was not working and thanked all patrons because of their patience. At that point, my patience was wearing thin. I spent the complete day sweating, bored, and escorting third graders on the lavatory. Because it was brutally hot, the kids kept drinking water from the fountains and continually needed the lavatory. We spent the day looking over dinosaur bones and fossils with sweat drenching our clothes. The return trip, on a overheated bus, with no access to any sort of cooling, was even worse. I just wanted to get home, to relax in my air conditioned home, setting the thermostat very low. I doubt I will make the mistake of volunteering to chaperone another field trip anytime soon.

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