Hard water is a pain

When my husband and i first bought our home out in country, we were delighted with the available spaces and privacy. We loved that there would be no traffic on our road, and no neighbors. We were excited by seeing deer, groundhogs, fox, and rabbits in this backyard. It never occurred to us that having a well water, instead of city water, would be such your nightmare. We have extremely hard water, and it destroys almost everything it touches. Our water can be contaminated with rust, iron and additionally lime. It also corrodes, stains, and creates harmful scale. All of our sinks, tubs, and toilets end up horribly stained, and the harsh cleaning chemicals destroy the finish. Our water heater, that should last approximately fifteen years, tends to last less than five years. Our hard water corrodes that tank, and we frequently end up with a flooded basement. I threw in the towel on the dishwasher, because my dishes always looked worse after being in the dishwasher then they did before they even went in. The supply hoses for the washing machine frequently clog, and I need to clean the aerators on the faucets every 4 weeks. We also deal with stains on our laundry, dry skin, and frizzy dry hair as a result of the hard water. Our drains clog, this pipes corrode, and we can’t drink or cook using the water. The only solution was to buy a water softener. I consulted with a local plumbing contractor and he recommend and put in a suitable water softener. The disorders of our water are so severe that a good water softener can’t completely clear up them. Although I love the venue of our house, we have considered moving because of the hard water.

hard water