Fixing our heating system

I was so happy that my team finally made the playoffs. It has been so long, that I must conduct an internet search to discover the last time they got to be in the playoffs. At least they made it this particular year. Hopefully our pitching roster will endure. They suffered a lot of injuries this past year. We were having an unusually cold spell this fall, so we’d turned our furnace on for the main game of the series. Usually we would have the air conditioner on this season of the year! Luckily, we had an HVAC system maintenance appointment in July, so our heating and cooling system ended up being ready for anything! Or so we thought. Right before the third game of the series, our furnace unexpectedly died. I had no idea how this had happened! I called an HVAC technician immediately. I was terribly upset, because we had just had that regular heating and cooling system maintenance appointment only a couple of months prior. The HVAC technician arrived on the scene at our house almost at once. He didn’t want to jeopardize our business, so he made our heating system problem a priority. He quickly uncovered the issue with this furnace, which only ended up taking him about 20 minutes to fix. We were so grateful that the HVAC technician was able to fix our broken heating and cooling system. I often imagine what our winter might have been without working central heat. Now on with the playoffs!