Everything is working

My older sibling, Henrietta, came to visit me for the first time in many years last summer.  She spent quite a few days at our house, plus every one of us had a fantastic time.  Henrietta suffers from dire problems with pollen irritations, plus she’s picky about neatness plus cleanliness.  Before her arrival, I put in a good deal of time plus effort getting the apartment ready for her visit.  I shampooed the carpets, mopped the hardwood floors, washed the windows plus laundered the curtains.  I even washed the overhead lights, all of the linens, plus bleached the tub, sinks plus toilets.  Since it was the middle of July, I knew the outside temperature would most likely be in the high nineties, with a good amount of humidity.  I planned to run the cooling system throughout Henrietta’s stay.  Due to her pollen allergies, she can’t tolerate having the windows open.  Even a small amount of dust or pollen can cause her to face serious health troubles.  Because of this, I contacted our respected Heating, Ventilation and A/C business plus asked them to send over a worker to repair the cooling system.  Although I’d already handled seasonal maintenance inside of the spring, I decided to take extra precautions for my sibling.  I absolutely didn’t want bacteria plus dust spread throughout the dwelling every time the cooling system started up.  The Heating, Ventilation and A/C worker thoroughly cleaned all of the components, upgraded the air filter, evaluated the control unit, plus made sure everything was in excellent working order.  I was able to rely on the cooling system to operate efficiently, effectively plus reliably.  On the afternoon of my sibling’s arrival, I turned the control unit a bit lower so that the apartment was perfectly cool for her.  

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