Complicated heater

I feel so incredibly stupid. I watched various house flipping reality shows and I got too excited plus bought myself a super old three story colonial fixer upper property. Because of this, I am in way over my head plus have no plan how to make all of these repairs without going into significant debt. The heating plan in the property is outdated and I am really struggling on what to do in order to make all the needed updates. The residence has warm water baseboards that are heated by a boiler system, however it entirely has various separate oil furnaces. It has various old temperature controls plus various flow valves – one for the top floors plus the other for the bottom floors. The many different temperature controls makes the plan undoubtedly confusing overall. It is always malfunctioning. I am looking into installing a ductless AC plan in the building before the summer starts so I can work comfortably fixing up the house. But due to the way the condo is set up, unifying it all into one single temperature zone would be impossible. I wish I knew more about Heating plus Air Conditioning so I could set up the plan a lot better. I can work on simple Heating plus Air Conditioning systems, although I am not qualified to figure out the heating plan in this house. Now, I am going to have to hire a Heating plus Air Conditioning corporation to come in plus do some of the work for me. This will end up being undoubtedly pricey. I am going to end up losing money fixing up this particular place, I just know it! I am never buying such a major fixer upper in my life!

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