Cleaning out my air ducts

This Winter I noticed an awfully odd smell in my sister’s home. It smelled like burnt hair and dead animals. It was a terrible combination of smells. I tried everything clear the stink from her air quality too. I even tried installing an air purifier into my sister’s heating system. The air purification system didn’t really do anything and cost a lot. The air quality had gained virtually no improvement. I desperately tried some air fresheners and strong candles. Nothing successfully eliminated that bad smell. I started researching what could be causing the smell, and figured out it must be my ductwork. It turns out that every seven years that you’re supposed to call for ductwork maintenance. The HVAC contractor will come with a scrub brush and wash all of the air ducts. It had been quite a long time since my sister’s home had the HVAC ducts cleaned up. So I hired an HVAC company come up to clean her air ducts. The HVAC professional actually found a lot of extremely gross things in my sister’s air ducts! He said that they pulled out tree roots, small branches, leaves and dirt from inside the air ducts. On top of that, the air ducts had a dead squirrel with them. That was the dead carcass smell we had. How disgusting is that? With the heater system turned on, she was basically baking that dead body. That is absolutely disgusting and her house is surely polluted by now. I am so glad that this HVAC business was able to clean out my sister’s HVAC ducts and improved her air quality. It is amazing what the air ducts can have hiding inside. You should definitely close them up once they are not in use, so one of these gross things don’t get in them like my sister’s.

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