Clean air living

The air you breathe, the water you drink, and the food you eat all helps make you who you are. Country folks call it clean living, and I can’t think of a better term for it. Living clean keeps your body clean, which gives you better health and makes you happier and more successful. And clean living doesn’t have to be boring. My grandpa smoked a cigar every day for seventy years, but was as fit as a fiddle. I myself have never smoked, I don’t like the smell, and also since I live in the city I am surrounded by toxins and pollution and rely on my powerful HVAC system to provide the ventilation I need to breathe well. There is a factory two blocks away, and the smoke in the air is so thick sometimes that without a good ventilation system I might be dead already. Okay, so I’m being dramatic, but I really do think these air filters are the difference between sickness and health. Did you know one of the driving forces behind HVAC technology isn’t temperature control, it’s proper ventilation. Without a good air supply, circulation, and especially ventilation, buildings can start to foster germs and spread diseases like influenza. When you hear about some offices being “sick buildings” it usually means improper ventilation has caused a buildup of bad things in the air quality. I do not want to be sick, I like my lungs, so I run my central A/C unit whenever I’m home. And if the temperature is nice out, then I will cut the A/C but keep the system fans running.

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