Clean air is good for your health

There was a recent news article in our paper about a local farmer turning 105 years old.  I couldn’t believe that he still said that he worked around the farm a couple of hours a day.  I guess that goes to prove that clean living makes a difference. When they ask him what the key to his longevity was he simply said that he made sure all of his life to eat healthy and to get a good night’s sleep whenever possible, and drinking two beers everyday.  I thought that part was amusing but I did pay close attention to what he said about getting a decent night’s sleep. I feel as though I haven’t had one of those in years so I started to look into ways to improve that area of my life.  I started talking to people and asking them what strategies they used and found one common denominator. Each of the people who said they slept well said if they had a great HVAC system in their house. I knew that my system was over 20 years old and didn’t work as well as it should so I contacted my HVAC dealer to see if there was a way to improve it. Upon inspection, the technician informed me that my duct work was clogged with layers of dust and debris which was significantly diminishing the quality of my air. He suggested that I schedule a hole house cleaning of my duct work and add a separate air filtration system which could improve my overall health throughout the year. At that point I was willing to do anything that would help me to get a better night’s sleep and I started to think about how many times I got up at night to blow my nose and how often I caught cold throughout the year. After realizing that all of that buildup was in my duct work it started to make sense to me. I had the ductwork cleaned and don’t expect that it will make me live to 105, but at least I will be healthier throughout the year.

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