My air quality is great

After springtime, it tends to get pretty hot around here. We aren’t really that far from the mountains, but far enough to where we aren’t getting the winds whipping around, and heading into the valley. My fireplace has been in constant use for several months now, and I have two more electric heaters that I use to keep my home warm. One day, I may decide to have a central heating and additionally air conditioning system installed, but for the moment, my fireplace and the electric heaters are doing just fine at keeping my place warm inside the cooler months. Nonetheless, now that spring is practically over, I’ll be expecting the temperature to be rising quickly. I will flip the A/C thermostat to the on position very soon to get the A/C going. Right now, I certainly do appreciate the breeze coming on through the open windows. You can’t really beat Mother Nature’s air conditioning, especially because it is free of charge! Next week I will need to close the windows and flip on the air conditioner to keep the house nice and cool. I should probably have a complete system check up, so that I can verify that everything works. I’ll probably check the air filters prior to turning the actual A/C on, after all, I haven’t used my air conditioner for a long time. So I walk on over to the air conditioner and observe that the air filters are very dusty, so I rinse them and put the filters right back into the HVAC equipment. I then flip the thermostat over to the air conditioner, and I hear the reassuring hum with my well-working HVAC. It happens to be quite audible when I stand beneath the air conditioning vents. Feeling that pleasant cool air come through is the best thing and my A/C has never failed me up to date!

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Running my gas furnace

My husband, Mike and I stopped by to check on his elderly uncle who has not been well after he lost his wife of 50 years. One of his good neighbors checks in on him also. He gets around while using public transportation, so it can be a wasted trip. Uncle Harry doesn’t believe in cell phones and on top of that he lives one town over in an older neighborhood. We’ve talked to him about moving to a nice assisted living facility since it would definitely be a safer environment for him to stay. They would be able to make sure he takes his medicine, eats his meals and this would all be done inside of the cool, air conditioned comfort of the facility. His house also needs to be cleaned up and sold so that Uncle Harry can live in a perfectly clean, comfortable and air conditioned home. As we drive up to his house, we always see him sitting on his cherished outdoor patio. He and his wife would sit out there for hours at the same time. He actually closed it in not too long ago to add air conditioning and square footage to the residence. He has a great deal of memories of his partner at that house. He added a heater to the closed in porch to enjoy more heat in the cold weather, since the fireplace was unable to heat that particular area. Once we visit, I can’t help but to feel warm and always check the thermostat on his air conditioner. Mike maintains the HVAC unit for him so we knew that the ductwork was in decent shape after a ductwork cleaning just last year. We simply adjusted the thermostat so there was much better air quality throughout the entire home and we made sure he his meals and meds were taken care of. After staying around for awhile, we then had to say goodbye to Uncle Harry until a later date.

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Excessive energy use

Very suddenly, my air conditioner quit sending out cold air. I know it is getting old, but aren’t most people? It shouldn’t have to be replaced for the simple fact that it’s old. It worked pretty good last summer. Unfortunately, I have never been top notch at regular maintenance. I’ve heard all about the prescribed maintenance guide for changing the air filter every month, but I think that seems like too much. I usually change the air filter once or twice a year, at the very least. That will work, right? Now, however, I’m not having any luck whatsoever with the air conditioning. I flipped the A/C off and right back on again, really hoping for some cool air, but nothing is working in the least! I guess I will really need to call an HVAC company to check my A/C. I made the decision to call the air conditioning repair company that is only a few blocks away and reluctantly set up a housecall. I live alone and could not be home in daytime to have them come over until it was my day off, which thankfully is today. I first noticed that the A/C was not keeping my house cool merely a few days back. Of course, this happens to be the middle of summer, so I was thinking that the air conditioner was doing much more work. I have not slept well since it stopped working about four days ago, so I’m glad that I finally have an HVAC technician on his way, but I am worried about the overall cost. I’ve done a tiny amount of research the last few days, and I now realize that I probably should have changed the filters more often than I did. I’ll find out soon enough, since the very nice HVAC technician is on his way.

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I’m a tad upset

I tend to love sending my daughter off of to school. It allows me to complete more work throughout the day. Having her home all summer was actually quite exhausting. I actually was happy when school started up again. One day the air conditioning inside school wasn’t working. My daughter had to sit through each of her classes in the heat. I did not like that she had to sit through her classes in such high heat. We live in an unusually hot area. So having to sit through her classes was not a great idea. I was not even aware of this issue until she came home from school that day and told me that the air conditioning in the school was broken. I was hoping the teachers would give me a phone and tell me this herself. When he goes to school the very next day I will call the school to make sure that their HVAC system working properly. I would not want my daughter to be uncomfortable learning in the heat. Not having the HVAC system all set could be poor for my daughter’s health. Have you ever tried to master in the heat? Have you tried to learn with the summer heat filling the room?  It feels like a extremely hard task. This is why I was upset that HVAC system wasn’t working. I was much more upset that the school did not call me to tell about the situation either. I count on the school to provide a good learning environment for my little girl.  A broken HVAC system is not providing that kind of learning environment.

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Installing a HVAC system

Working opposite shifts of my husband can be very frustrating sometimes. I feel like we are never able to do anything together, and I never really get to see him. The only thing which can be nice about it is that he can do things at home during the day. I work all day, and he is usually getting to his job by the time I get home. If there’s anything we should get done around the house, he can do it during the daytime. Recently it worked out well when our HVAC system broke down. Most HVAC companies are only open for limited hours per day. After their regular hours, most do have emergency hours, but while these emergency service hours are convenient, they can be very expensive. Since our HVAC system broke down during the day, he could be home and have the professional come to our house during normal hours. The HVAC professional looked over our HVAC system and found only a small issue. The fan blade was not turning like it should have been, and he just had to loosen some screws that were holding it on. Somehow the fan had made the screws tighter, and could not turn correctly. Since he only needed to loosen the screws on the fan, he didn’t charge us a lot. I am happy that it was nothing major and didn’t take all day, so my husband had time to do other things in the house.

This ductwork is an issue

I recently started my first real adult job. For many years I had a job where I was merely living paycheck to paycheck. It really was not good for me at all and it was very stressful. Now that I’ve got a grown up job I am working right for salary. I find this to be incredible. Since I am no longer living paycheck to paycheck I am able to finally do the upgrades to my house that I have been wanting to do. The first thing I want so as to do is upgrade my HVAC system completely. My HVAC system has been in the best condition for a few years now and I fully expect for it to just give out on me completely one day. It is a very simple central air conditioning system. I want to upgrade and get a ductless small split system with zone control. My neighbors have such a system and they say it’s absolutely fantastic. I go over to their house all of the time and it is so comfortable. They have to worry about air ducts being right behind their walls. They also don’t  worry about paying high prices in regards to their heating and cooling. Since they also possess zone control technology, then they can chose to heat and cool the rooms they want. They really only use it for the rooms that they use the most. It’s amazing to have that technology and they are paying much less on their energy bills monthly than I am right at this point. I really cannot wait to have the same system. I know it’s going to be a huge change meant for my home.

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AC technology

Ever since I retired last year, I have become absolutely obsessed with birdwatching! I quietly stalk them with my camera and lens, not a gun with a scope. I don’t wish to shoot anything but a beautiful picture. I have transformed my yard in addition to my house into a place that will attract birds and hoping to encourage them to stay and nest.  It was finally getting successful, by then but there were always little problems, but the more I concerned myself with birds, the more worried I got with the little noises all around the house that would terrify the birds. Birds are entirely frightened, all the time, and when my AC would kick on after a while being unused, it would make a clatter noise and it would terrify them. It was an entirely old a/c system, well taken care of over the years, but still an antique, in addition, when it started up, it groaned a metallic sigh. So I had an HVAC professional come over to give it an inspection. He told me that the overall cooling equipment was in acceptable shape, but the only thing that would stop the noise was a complete unit replacement.  I decided that the inevitable noise caused by an entire heating, ventilation, and A/C repair crew coming in and out would be far worse for my birds, so I decided that I needed another solution. Since my house is rather small, I opted to get a small portable mini-split ductless AC system. This kind of AC requires no installation, no, you just plug it in in addition to turning it on.  And best of all, this air conditioner ran completely silent, so I didn’t need to worry about it startling my birds any more. For me, ductless AC units are the way to go.

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Working on our utility bills

I lost my house, my husband, my cat, plus my former best friend all at the same time. Sounds similar to a country song, doesn’t it? Well I am not one to complain about my life, so let’s just say it was a real kick in the gut and at 44 years of age, I found myself starting all over again.  That is how I ended up renting a room in an apartment with a couple of college boys. To say it was something of a major life change is an understatement, but it wasn’t always all bad. They were messy roommates plus they were often drunk, but the worst was they insisted on running the a/c way too much. That was basically my largest complaint, because the three of us pay for the monthly electric bill evenly. I don’t particularly appreciate running the A/C that much, however, these men obviously had some free cash to spend, because they run the thermostat twenty four hours/7 days a week, making the inside of the apartment consistently cooler than a freezer.  A few times, I asked them about turning the cooling up a little bit so it would not be so cold, but they never responded, so I just started taking the batteries out of the control unit so they couldn’t mess with it. That didn’t last long, though, since they just bought more batteries for the control unit.  Unfortunately, it did begin a battle of wills between the three of us.  Many times like this made me appreciate and miss my old home, where I was the king of the castle plus I could run our a/c as much or as little as I wanted to.

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We have some dust building up

I live in the northeastern part of the country, where it is commonly cold and snowy. Our summer season is short, and fall along with spring are almost nonexistent. For most of the year, it feels like winter, and the weather is a challenge. We often get temperatures below freezing, and sometimes as cold as twenty below. The wind makes it feel much colder, and it’s not out of the ordinary for individuals to get several feet of snow in one day. Thanks to this, many people don’t bother to install an air conditioning system. We get through the summer with open windows, box fans, and window a/c units. Our priority is the heating system, and it needs to be reliable and electricity efficient equipment. Running a heating system for approximately eight months per year can be expensive, a suddenly not working equipment during subzero temperatures can be quite damaging. To make certain that my heating system is constantly operating at its best, I schedule preventative maintenance which has a local HVAC contractor every September. A licensed HVAC technician comes immediately to my house to inspect, clean and tune the heating equipment. He tests the functionality of all the components, verifies safety, and explains any concerns. If any parts are showing use, I have them replaced. This helps me avoid a breakdown during the winter. The technician cleans any buildup of dust, as well contaminants, allowing the system to provide optimum airflow. This ensures peak strength, efficiency, lower sound levels, and greater comfort, along with the added benefit of a healthier indoor quality of air.

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I don’t ever want to leave my house

My kids begged for us to take them camping. We were putting it off for as long as possible, because we knew it could be a terrible experience. We finally purchased a small tent, several sleeping bags, and packed up the car. We found a place out in the woods where we could arrange the tent, build a fire, and have access to a stream. The outside temperature was in the high eighties, and by the time we got our camp site organized, we were sweating profusely. It would have been nice to be inside of the air-conditioned home. Instead, we cooled off with the stream and coated ourselves using bug spray. We spent the day hiking, fishing, and playing frisbee. Making dinner was a massive process and everything ended up being slightly burnt., trying to wash dishes with the stream was aggravating. I would have preferred to use my gas oven and dishwasher, and have access to a thermostat. After the sun went down, the outside temperature dropped considerably, we were then forced to huddle near the fire to stay warm. Instead of a furnace heating the whole home to a uniform and excellent temperature, we battled smoke along with sparks. We all smelled like the bonfire, but had no shower to wash off in. We finally crawled into the tent for the night, to sleep over the hard ground. At home, have an air purifier that protects our indoor air quality, inside of the tent, there were bugs, pollen, and dust going around.

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