Thermostat settings

Hubby and I are a  great fit for one another. Our compatibility is so complete that it’s quite uncanny; I still can’t figure how this perfect puzzle piece exists or that I ever happened to find him. The two of us see eye to eye on everything that would be important for a couple to agree upon, and we both differ in the areas which complement each other’s strengths and weaknesses. This is the closest thing to a perfect relationship that I’ve ever had or imagined. The one feature both of us don’t agree upon is the temperature setting in our house.

          We both have opposite bodies; mine being somewhat feeble and sickly, and his being strong and sturdy. I’m constantly cold and like to have a moderately hot indoor air temperature  throughout the day, but he prefers to be in a cool environment and would enjoy the temperature set much lower. This isn’t generally an immense issue, except for the mornings when both of us are working from home and arguments over the thermostat settings ensue. Recently, our schedules changed such that I often work from the living room, while he has many mornings a week when she teaches from the comfort of his den.  

         The two of us go back and forth, adjusting the temperature control panel throughout the day, and it has motivated me  to look into heating as well as A/C options to resolve our concerns. I’m seriously opting for zone controlled heating, so that both of us can have the temperature we both need and can stop squabbling over such a crazy subject as the air quality.

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Our hotel is very comfortable

Not long ago i got a new job at a local hotel. The job was a night shift position that required me to work overnight hours from midnight to nine am. I figured that the job would be pretty easy, as those hours are certainly not really the busiest time within the day. The position I sent applications for was to be the service specialist for the hotel. Essentially, my job was to sit there and wait for many of the hotel guests to call with a service problem in their room in your home. Most of the requests that individuals receive are very insignificant along with requiring little effort on our part. Last week, though, I received a service request stating that the air conditioning in one of hotel rooms was not working like it should. I went to the bedroom, and I tinkered with the A/C system for up to an hour without any achievements. I went back down to the lobby, and the girl in front desk said that I experienced sixteen more A/C service calls come in back when I was in the room. It was nearly three am at this point, and I definitely wasn’t prepared for such a wide-scale issue together with the air conditioning system. The A/C system that powered the main floor and the lobby was apparently working precisely as it should, but I had service calls coming in from every other floor of the hotel. Apparently, every air conditioning system in that building was down except for usually the one on the first floor. By five in the morning, we had received over 100 complaints regarding the A/C. One good thing is, I called an A/C maintenance specialist and had it fixed within a hour.

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What happened to my cupcakes?

I work part-time, but for side work as i bake cupcakes, cakes, cookies, pies or any dessert you can actually dream of. I have a smaller little business to make more money for my family! It’s a win win because i can bring in extra income together with i am doing what i love to do so it doesn’t feel like i am actually working. Unfortunately I don’t have a shop or store to cook my goodies in so that i have bake them right in our kitchen. Anyways, in our house we don’t have any air conditioning. It hasn’t been a problem until recently along with my baking. We have a good furnace, and we actually paid a reasonably penny for it some three years back. Where we live, A/C isn’t 100% needed in the summer months. It does get super hot some days and nights nonetheless we suck it up and cope with it. We have a box fan in every room along with ceiling fans. The furnace is needed for sure! Our winters get so cold that we should instead have the heat going for months at a time. The one time when i was baking cupcakes for a baby shower, i literally ruined the full order. I had finished baking them inside the oven, they cooled off so that i started decorating them. I done the frosting, and put little characters onto the cupcakes along with different chocolates and fruits! They were sitting out for no more than 30 minutes after these folks completed and they started to melt. It was so scorching outside, and it was 10x warmed within our house. I had to deliver the goodies the next day, and the heat ruined this cupcakes. Long story short, i stayed up an entire 24 hours re-baking, cooling, frosting along with decorating new cupcakes. I told my husband the following morning that we are phoning our local HVAC business and they will be installing an air conditioning system in this particular house because this is never happening opinion again!

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I should head to school

Through the winter months up north we tend to get lot of snow days. A snow day is basically when weather is too dangerous and also cold for the students to go to school. The students get to stay home from school the whole day! How awesome is that. I remember when I had been a younger girl and we were suppose to get tons of snow the next day. I would turn my PJs on the inside out, and wear them to bed because that was suppose to help us get a snow day. The best part of a snow day was watching the news super early each morning and seeing our school on the news under “closed”. I would watch it regularly just to see my school name keep showing up. The best feeling ever. Then I would settle in bed and sleep in truly late! I wouldn’t do anything all day but watch movies and eat. One day when the winter weather was just starting, my mom arrived to my room to tell me that school was closed. I sat up very quickly in my bed to query why? There is no snow yet. Why would there be no school? Turns out our school’s furnace wasn’t working. They have to have a way to provide heat for us students otherwise we can’t be at the school. My uncle worked for the HVAC business that our school relies on for any malfunctions. He called my mom to see me that we wouldn’t be having school today, because the furnace needs to be repaired. He said that they couldn’t arrive there early enough to fix heat before school started so the superintendent canceled school for the entire day. Yippie! Now I get to stay at my house, in my PJs for the whole day and enjoy my families awesome furnace staying extra hot. I hope the HVAC system malfunctions the next day too so we don’t have to see school again- ha ha!

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Learning the hard way

Living up north, we pretty much experience each kind of season. Out of the many seasons, i think that spring is my favorite. I love how everything that died from the winter comes back to life. It’s so pretty when flowers, and trees bloom again along together with the cute baby animals that are born. It puts me in the best mood, especially since spring also means that summer is on it’s way. Spring also means that it is time to get a seasonal maintenance from the HVAC business. Every spring they come to tune up our AC and every fall they come as well and clean up/check our central heat. Not only does it prolong our HVAC system from conking out, but it helps us obtain lower bills while staying cool in the summer, and warm in the wintertime. In case you didn’t know this already, regular maintenance for your heating and air conditioning units is extremely important. The people who don’t realize how important it can be are often those whose HVAC systems suddenly or unexpectedly break down, leaving them without any heating or air conditioning during the coldest or warmest parts of the year! We ended up learning the hard way in which many people do. Our A/C unit broke down in the middle of summer due not having any A/C tune-ups and maintenance which cost us big money. It is worth it to us to spend a little extra money twice annually vs paying a huge bill to repair our system.

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I spent so much to fix the HVAC equipment

My husband and i decided to find someone to build our first house for us. Instead of trying to look for a used one with everything we wanted inside of a house, it was just much easier to start from scratch and build what we wanted. Everything was going good, although it did cost us big money. We dated for 10 years before we got married, so we had a good chunk within our savings account on top of all money that we received for wedding gifts! I thought it was subsequently pretty easy picking out all the cabinets, floors, the design of the home and i absolutely loved decorating the inside after the house was entirely finished. One thing i did not enjoy doing, was deciding to invest in an HVAC system. My better half was completely for it, because he is such a good warm person in generally and will sweat in the course of winter. I was the one being skeptical because i survived without A/C growing up, so why would i want it now? After months of deciding for sure if we should invest in a particular one, i gave in and  called a HVAC system near our town. Surprisingly enough, that they recommended a mini split system to help us. Since i had no idea what a mini split system was, they informed me that it has two important components, an outdoor compressor/ condenser, and an enclosed air-handling unit. So basically that links both outdoor and interior units together. After finding released it costs almost 2,000, i wanted to cringe. But my better half told me that there were way more HVAC systems out there which way more money, so  just go with the mini split HVAC system. After it was installed, the tech told me we were lucky we didn’t have any duct installations. That would be a pain, and if something happened to one that would end up being more money we must spend on our HVAC system to get it fixed.

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I’m happy being downstairs

My spouse and I are living in a really big house. It’s just the two of us, and we have a two story home. When we got our HVAC unit installed, everyone only had it installed downstairs, because that could be where our bedroom, bathroom, family room, and kitchen is. We hardly ever go upstairs in the house. The only thing that is upstairs is three extra bedrooms that we don’t really use. We typically not have any visitors, because our family lives a long way away and they just never have period to visit us. Recently, my nephew was considering going to a college in our home state. My husband’s sibling, my sister in law, and my nephew were coming over for stay with us so they can tour the college campus, look around in town and see what it is about. We were super excited, but also concerned because it was part way through summer and it was exceptionally hot out. We had a big enough house to allow three extra people but there’s no real way they can sleep upstairs in the temperatures. We didn’t even have enough time to take into consideration possible sleeping conditions because they told us they will be here in two weeks. My husband and I work a full-time job, so my free time is very slim. When they got to the house, they complimented how awesome and awesome our heating and cooling system has been. After telling them there had been none upstairs, they just told us they could all sleep on the ground in our living room. I have to say I was pretty embarrassed that our family had to sleep on the floor when there were three bedrooms upstairs. After they went at home i told my husband that him and i needed to get A/C upstairs. He agreed, and a week later it’s installed. Now my nephew is gonna remain faithful to us instead of dorming from college. After all, it was only a ten minute commute from the house to the college.

air conditioner tune-up 

I’m going to have a few friends over

My husband and i were always on top involving everything. Meaning, we didn’t procrastinate to get anything done. If a lightbulb ws out, it would be fixed at once. The dishes were always done, our cars were always fixed the minute we discovered a problem, and same with this heating and cooling system. We has just got this installed about a year ago. We take really great care of computer, and get our seasonal tune ups on an annual basis. We get two every year, one before winter to find a tune up on our air conditioner, and one before summer to getting a tune up on our air conditioning. We’d certainly be out of luck if something would happen to our heating and cooling unit when we needed it quite possibly the most. We have pretty horrible winters the following with freezing temps, and a ton of snow. Same with our summers, except they’re just the opposite in temperature and  it’s super hot, and dried out here! I guess you can say we get the best of both worlds here (I can be joking). Anyways, we stay along with our tune-ups and have them scheduled way before they are actually due. So far you’ll find never had any problems with this unit, and the heating and cooling technician told us if we keep up the superior maintenance our HVAC unit will last years with little to no problems. It was spring time, so our HVAC tech was headed over the one day when i had a couple friends over. I was telling them how important it was to keep their HVAC systems tuned up, so it would lead to be able to little to no problems later on. My one friend said that this wonderful woman has never heard of a tune-up previous to so she had called the company to have a tune-up. All my other friends did the same, and the HVAC company called the house and told me that most customers get two free tune-ups since I had sent them more shoppers. What a win that can be!

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I had so much fun in college

After I had moved out from the college dorms, I got our apartment. It had three bedrooms, and I shared it with two of my close friends. We spent two great years together in that apartment, and I would never trade that experience for anything. We got along so well we rarely fought over anything, although the only exception to this was whenever you couldn’t decide how to adapt the heating and cooling thermostat. We could never seem to agree on a temperature, so we were always battling over tips on how to run the air conditioner. Whoever got home first got to take control over things regularly, but that was unfair. I always like to have the air conditioner running at full blast because we are now living a hot and humid system of the country, but my other two roommates didn’t in this way. I understood part of their argument. I tended to work the monthly utility bill up fairly high, but I don’t knowledge they could stand to sit inside the apartment when it was much too hot outside. I also had a really difficult time getting to sleep when the air conditioner were running, and I would get up in a bad mood any time this happened. We eventually found others ways of compromise by setting the temperature at something between what each of us would have chosen. I even bought myself a portable air conditioner for my own room to keep cool. Everything worked out okay, and we enjoyed our time period together. I’m sure we were not the primary set of roommates to have to handle this dilemma.

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We planned really early

I think that the best trips are those that usually are spontaneously planned. My husband and I like to take the occasional road voyage, and we recently took a last minute trip with the Grand Canyon. It took us three days to operate a vehicle there, but we enjoyed every minute from it. Along the way, we had stopped at a few campsites in a variety of states, and we really enjoyed this an important part of it. I wouldn’t change a thing about the trip, but I did have trouble getting to sleep in my tent with no air circulating. I’m used to turn this air conditioner on full blast when I get to sleep because I like to have the air conditioning. This is no ! possible with camping, and my husband laughed to look at suggested that we bring along any recordings portable air conditioner. Regardless of not having a heating and cooling system to hold me cool, I really enjoyed the trip. The Grand Canyon is a lovely place that everyone should visit at least once during their lifetime. I hope to do something like this again soon because I enjoyed the spontaneity of that. I’m not a great planner, so this kind of trip works very well for me. I will try for this way anytime because it eliminates a lot of distress while I’m doing a majority of these things. I am glad that my husband is willing to do things like this because I get lots of enjoyment out of them. One is the perfect partner for me because we’re both so easygoing about these things.