A broke down car is never fun

When the A/C in our vehicle broke down, my wife told me she’d take it to a garage as soon as she could manage, however the two of us had a trip planned for that weekend to visit family so it would have to wait for a while. This should have gone by without any issues, right? But unfortunately, no, life doesn’t work in this manner. Our broken A/C was definitely combated with just keeping the windows rolled down to let air in, cooling the vehicle nicely, however then things took a turn for the worse; our vehicle broke down! It was a several hour drive to get to our relative’s condo and my wife and I were about an hour away when this happened, meaning we were far from home and still an hour from our destination. The drive had taken us up into the mountains where there wasn’t a lot of civilization, and reception was terrible. The two of us were effectively stranded, in near ninety degree heat, without any air conditioner or anywhere to go for relief. Sitting around in our vehicle moaning about there not being A/C wasn’t going to help anything in the least, and after twenty minutes passed without any other vehicles coming along the two of us set out down the road to see if either of us could manage to get a signal to call for help, but there was absolutely no luck. When I returned to the car, my wife was waiting for me with the fantastic news that she had managed to get a call in and a tow truck would arrive shortly. The two of us had to wait nearly a full hour, without air conditioning, for the truck to arrive, however we were eventually rescued. On the plus side, the A/C did get fixed when the vehicle was taken in for the other issues that made it break down in the first place!