The warm days

The most effective trip I’ve ever taken was when I spent two months traveling around Europe. After I graduated college, I wanted to do some exploring while I had the ability, and Europe seemed like the perfect place to go. Traveling really challenges me in numerous ways, and I am so glad that I had the chance to see a different part of the world when I was younger. I learned a lot on the subject of food, art, and culture, and I also had to push myself a little bit. Many of the hotels I stayed in don’t have HVAC units, so I had to get accustomed to not being able to alter the thermostat anytime I was uncomfortable. I realize that the buildings there are much older than most of ours are here and with the climate so mild that there seems to be no need for a heating and cooling system all of the time, but I still wish we had it on warmer days. Still, because I was in Europe, I didn’t get too upset over the cooling system dilemma. There was too much to discover and do to get too caught up in reality of not having an HVAC system where I was staying. It felt relatively insignificant when it came down to it. I have so many superior memories from Europe, and I wouldn’t trade that experience for anything in the world. If I could go back, I would in a second. Traveling is something that everyone should do every so often. It really puts you beyond the borders of your comfort zone and teachers you a myriad of things.

indoor air quality 

The air is moving around nice

I moved into a four person apartment with some of my best friends. It’s taken us 14 days, but we finally have everything set up and our place feels beautiful and comfortable. You wouldn’t think four girls living together would be a good idea, but surprisingly, we all get along really well. The sole thing we can’t make a selection on, is the thermostat temperature. Each of us has their own preferences, so it makes for a challenging disagreement. In order to eliminate the conflict, we took everyone’s temperature preference and calculated the median. We felt like this was the best option for us. That way, nobody was upset over another person getting their way. Personally, I don’t care what this temperature is unless I’m trying to get some shuteye. I prefer to a cooler environment at night because it helps me sleep better. Since adjusting the thermostat is unfair to my other roommates, I had to go out and acquire two portable fans. I placed one on my bedside table, which points directly onto me. Then, I put another one on my dresser at the foot of the bed, which blows cool air onto the lower half of my body. There’s also a ceiling fan in my room, which is fabulous for circulating air in the entire room. It’s only been 14 days, but I’ve found that the portable fans really help keep my room cool and crisp in the evenings, when I can’t turn down the thermostat. One of my other roommates has been making her room cooler too, so I’ve shared my secret with her too!

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I need to get out of my own way

Without a shadow of a doubt my all-time favorite month of the year is April. I recognize that some folks get bummed out because of the clouds and the rain but I look forward to it. After the long and intense winters we have here the initial break from the cold weather feels so pleasant. Also have you ever noticed that the air smells delightfully during April? It is nothing short of magnificent. All winter long the earth is frozen and covered with piles of snow and now the freeze has finally lifted and most of the earthy aromas have come out. The rain also just increases the fresh scents of the spring. I love putting on my pink raincoat and going on long walks in the fresh spring air. Additionally climate control is no longer necessary now that the Spring thaw has started. Unlike most people nowadays I don’t have an HVAC system with all the bells and whistles. I am an old fashioned sort of person. I like to only use my fireplace in the coldest parts of the winter months and that’s it. My house was built almost 100 years ago and has since had a good climate control system installed, but I see no real need to use it. The only necessary thing is heating the interior of my home during the long cold winters, but I  can do that perfectly well with my old fireplace. Plus cutting wood is a wonderful way to get some physical activity in during the winter. As for air conditioning it’s never really something I felt necessary for myself. I don’t mind the summer heat so running A/C seems utterly wasteful to me. April truly is the month where life begins anew.

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Sleeping well

I’ve never been much of a fan of camping. My family always wanted to be taking long camping trips during the summertime, but I was always absolutely miserable when they would drag me along. I am not keen on hiking, bugs send me away running, and being in too much heat for too long makes me irritable. I can remember one summer in particular, when my kids wanted to go camping for a full week. The thought of being separated from my climate controlled house for a long week made me dread that trip. All my children were extremely excited, but all I could carefully consider was how I wouldn’t have an air conditioner in my tent for the hot evenings. When I asked my husband, Mike if there was any way at all that we could bring some kind of portable A/C with us, he laughed so much harder than I’ve ever heard him laugh. I didn’t think it was that insane a question because I imagine there are many people like me who would enjoy their camping trips more if they made it possible to sleep in a tent that had a cooling system in it. I’ve had this idea for an invention for a long while now, and I hope that  someday I can experiment with some technology and help it become a real thing. Truthfully, I know that I would be much open-minded to spending time outdoors with my family if I knew that I could sleep in a place which had a cooling system in the tents. This would make everyone happier, and they would be glad that was coming along to hang out in nature with them.


We’re working on our equipment

My sister-in-law has been in town the past few days, and she needs to get an energy audit for the home she just purchased to make certain she is not wasting valuable money on a monthly basis. She received a recommendation for a company to do the audit (from a number of friends who used to dwell there). The only question will be, what should they be trying to find when they come out? Finding a technician that will be qualified to do the audit is often as simple as asking when you call any nearby HVAC company. They should have a summary of current qualifications for all of the technicians. When they arrive your own house or place of business you are requesting the audit for, here are a few things they should be searching for. Combustion Safety, ( that the appliances that use fuel are operating properly and within safety specifications). They should also check for any moisture problems including the barriers in between walls and outside elements. This will also include the Building Envelope, or a home’s ability to resist climate changes, moisture, and windstorms without losing valuable energy. All certified inspectors must be able to give you a complete report including the stuff listed above. An audit can cost anywhere from a few hundred dollars to as much as a thousand dollars. You need to make sure that this is money well spent. This can save you valuable time and money as well. I am sure that nearly all would agree that the persistence put in is more than worth the peace of mind you receive in knowing all is working well in your residence.

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Checking out my computer

During our recent anniversary trip, we have never had such an unsatisfactory experience with a hotel. I prefer to stay with a specific hotel chain at any time I travel because it allows me to obtain loyalty rewards towards a cost-free stay. I used those incentives on our recent trip, and I expected to experience a positive experience similar to others I have had with the hotel chain up to now. I specifically like how the hotel’s rooms have a great air conditioning system in addition to spacious bathrooms. When we entered our room that time, though, we were welcomed with a nauseatingly hot room that was filthy throughout. Apparently, the HVAC system had opted out of working, and nobody had bothered to completely clean the room after its past occupants. We went back for the front counter to tell the concierge about the situation with the room’s air conditioning and with the cleanliness, but there was nobody there to talk to. After waiting for nearly thirty minutes, someone finally returned to the counter to help you us with our A/C problem. The concierge could hardly believe our room was in that poor condition. Unfortunately, all their hotel cleaning crew members had gone home already, and their HVAC technician was on vacation for the week. She checked the computer and advised us that there seemed to be another room available on the eighth floor. We went to the new room, and we were greeted which has a much larger room this time which was clean and had cold air conditioning. We were also told we could save our rewards for a later date, as the room was complementary to the evening. Since they corrected the problem, I still stay at the same hotel chain. I really just like their cool rooms.

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These are very efficient

For a long time, I was reluctant to buy central cooling system. In the spot where I live, the summer months were typically short and often chilly and wet. Air conditioning seemed unnecessary in my opinion. I managed to handle the hot days with water and with open windows, box fans, and a couple of convenient air conditioners. I didn’t like that your open windows created a security risk and allowed big bugs and pollutants into the house. I hated losing the view from the window to a window air conditioner. The fans were just ugly and noisy, and blew dust and impurities around. When I started investigating central cooling systems, I expected an expensive and involved installation process. I was surprised just by how quickly and inexpensively the project was completed. I was also tempted by way of the many innovative features it had. Current cooling systems are restful and energy efficient, combat moisture, and allow more personalized control over the indoor environment. I chose a model that provides you with smart technology and variable-speed compressor. This allows the air conditioner running at different speeds anywhere between forty and a hundred percent capacity. It automatically adapts to the demands in the surroundings, always running at peak strength efficiency and maintaining more perhaps temperature. I love that I often now set the thermostat to my liking and luxuriate in a perfectly cool home. Plus, my house is solution, healthier and far safer. I always lock the windows, avoid noise, and the cooling system effectively circulates and filters mid-air. I’m only sorry I waited so long to install a central cool system.

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Shoveling the snow

My family is extremely interested in installing a snow melt system at our house. We live in the northern part of the country and our winter season lasts for at the least six months of the season. During the winter season, we see very low temperatures, inches of snow, and ice buildup. We currently heat our home and handle a lot of our water heating needs with a boiler system. The boiler is cost efficient and reliable. It operates silently and even maintains a very even temperature throughout the house. Beyond our yearly professional upkeep, this boiler requires no work or attention. We would like to add to our boiler system and purchase a snow melt system to put under the driveway, walkways and the garage ground. Those areas currently consist of gravel, but we have been saving up our money to upgrade the gravel areas to concrete. Before the concrete is normally laid, we hope to include the hydronic piping implemented. The pipes would backlink to the boiler system, which would pump combining hot water and antifreeze through them. This would then melt the snow and ice, and keep those zones bare and dry. We would no longer need to hire someone to plow our driveway. Also, we wouldn’t have to spend long hours shoveling the walkways. And, we wouldn’t have to buy and put down rock salt, which damages our landscaping and gets tracked in our house. The hydronic snow melt system would also improve essential safety. People wouldn’t trip or fall. Even though investment is big, we believe it would be worth the cost.

HVAC system 

Fixing our heating system

I was so happy that my team finally made the playoffs. It has been so long, that I must conduct an internet search to discover the last time they got to be in the playoffs. At least they made it this particular year. Hopefully our pitching roster will endure. They suffered a lot of injuries this past year. We were having an unusually cold spell this fall, so we’d turned our furnace on for the main game of the series. Usually we would have the air conditioner on this season of the year! Luckily, we had an HVAC system maintenance appointment in July, so our heating and cooling system ended up being ready for anything! Or so we thought. Right before the third game of the series, our furnace unexpectedly died. I had no idea how this had happened! I called an HVAC technician immediately. I was terribly upset, because we had just had that regular heating and cooling system maintenance appointment only a couple of months prior. The HVAC technician arrived on the scene at our house almost at once. He didn’t want to jeopardize our business, so he made our heating system problem a priority. He quickly uncovered the issue with this furnace, which only ended up taking him about 20 minutes to fix. We were so grateful that the HVAC technician was able to fix our broken heating and cooling system. I often imagine what our winter might have been without working central heat. Now on with the playoffs!

Why do I act like this?

Let’s just say that I came of age in a “slightly troubled” world. I had been very shy because of this for a sizable portion of my life. I decided to do something about this, and confront my childhood “troubles.” I made an appointment to see a local counselor, and my first appointment was something I will never forget. It wasn’t the “emotional break through” that I will remember, because that did not happen until much later. What I do remember vividly is the broken air conditioner that day. I had started my day off very nervous. I rested well though, partly because of my amazing air conditioner. We were suffering a horrible heatwave that month, and if you didn’t have an air conditioner, it is likely you were not sleeping too well. I managed to get ready for my appointment, jumped into my air conditioned car, and drove to the counselor’s office downtown. The heat met me much like a brick wall when I got into my car. I couldn’t wait to reach the coolness of the building’s heating and cooling system. Unfortunately, that moment didn’t occur. The counselor’s office was having a huge issue with the HVAC system, so there was no air conditioning whatsoever. They didn’t even have any electric fans! It was actually hotter in the building than it was out in the open! I made my way down the hall, sweating and ready to go home. My therapist was sweating profusely, too, and we both started laughing for the silliness of the whole situation. It was a great ice breaker. We decided to postpone the appointment until the air conditioner was fixed, and fortunately we had better luck next time.

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