Deciding on some things

I serve on the board of trustees for my area community college. It is a good volunteer position and I do enjoy it. I highly value education and believe education should be accessible to as many people as possible. Community colleges embody this goal. A couple years ago, we began adding onto the school. We are now making plans for the final building. Almost everything is done; now it’s time to make decisions about the HVAC systems for the new building. We already decided on plumbing, electricity, and even things like colors and surfaces. Next step, I need to sit down and talk with the HVAC company head. I am nervous about it, as I am not knowledgeable regarding heating and cooling. All I do understand is how to change my central air conditioning settings per season. I can change the HVAC unit from heating to cooling and vice versa. I do also know to get the air conditioning system inspected regularly to keep HVAC repair bills to a minimum. I suppose I could get one of the other board members to speak with the HVAC service person, but I know that we are in a rush to get these HVAC decisions made and complete the building. The majority of the other board members have busier schedules than me, so I am the lucky one who gets to make the HVAC decisions.

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