This is the air conditioner we need

I’m a stay at home mother to three children under age 7. It’s a full time job looking to maintain a home, plus maintain three young kids who are always in need of something to do. Our preferred season is summer, because your children and I can play outside all night. There’s so much to do in the summer season. We can transfer, go to the park, ride our bikes, or color this driveway in chalk. However, your least favorite season is winter weather. We get stuck inside with nothing to do because it’s too cold out in the open. I find myself struggling and keep my kids busy and not whining and fighting out of boredom. During the winter, I take the youngsters out to lunch at the most popular fast food restaurant. They love the chicken plus the amazing play place. While I enjoy getting out of our home for a few hours, I hate sitting inside play areas with them. It’s always super hot and stuffy indoors, even though the rest within the restaurant felt fine. When I asked the administrator about adjusting the AC within the play area, he kindly laughed and said that their HVAC system was old and struggled to hold it cool. One day, I took the kids on the restaurant and the play spot was surprisingly colder than the rest of the store! When I asked the manager why it was so cold inside, he told me that they had just replaced one their air filters. Apparently, the air filters were consumed with a great deal dust and grime that it was subsequently preventing the cool air coming from entering the play area!

Consulting the HVAC unit

When my husband and I built our home from the floor up, we consulted with a general contractor, plumber, electrician and HVAC professional. We wanted to make sure we got everything correct, and weren’t stuck making a silly mistake. Although the general contractor was very familiar with planning the layout of my abode, he had not specialized in doing electrical, plumbing, or HVAC systems work. I understand that everything from the location of power outlets to the thermostat, to the ductwork and drains will impact our life, budget, and comfort. I think I spent foremost of my time consulting with the HVAC professional. Determining what type of heating and cooling system works best for us was a significant challenge. We wanted a system that would provide year round temperature control without costing a ton in energy bills. We were hoping for a zoned system that would allow us to customize temperature options room by room. We eventually settled on a forced air furnace and central air conditioner which has a duct system concealed in the ceilings and crawl space. At this stage, I didn’t realize how intricate and important the plan of the duct system can be. To ensure maximum airflow and energy efficiency in the HVAC system, the ducts can’t have any sharp bends in them. The number and placement for the HVAC vents in the rooms is really important. It was helpful that the HVAC contractor was able to fabricate the metal ductwork, because he could accommodate our timetable and verify the products and materials. Now that the HVAC system is installed and up and running, we couldn’t be happier with the results.

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I’m having some problems with my electric

In the month of July, we expected some really terribly rainstorms. It caused a massive amount of damage and difficulty. The high winds caused power outages, and the deluge of rain caused flooding. With no electric there were no running water, lights, and also air conditioning. Plus, the sump pump stopped operating. This meant that my basement flooded, and my home was overheated and sticky. We couldn’t even open the windows because of the rain. It was impossible to sleep in the evening. I was constantly wet with sweat and all the food in the refrigerator spoiled, and I came across mold growing on the window sills and in the walls of the basement. The water in the basement ruined my washer and dryer, and damaged the furnace. I chose to take proactive measures to stop that situation from happening again. I contacted my local HVAC designer and installer for help. He recommended that I pick up a standby generator. I was rather shocked at the money a standby generator cost, but decided that it was worth it. The flooding for the basement cost me a fortune and presented health threats. The standby generator is permanently installed and automatically starts up and provides electricity in the event of a power failure. Because it runs on propane, just like my furnace, it never needs to be refueled and can operate forever. Now, if we should experience an energy failure, my family will not be without lights, television, running water, air conditioning or the air conditioner.

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What a crazy thought

It’s crazy to know that my partner and I have been married for sixteen years and have never been on a getaway together.  When we first got married we were so broke and we could not afford to go on a honeymoon.  We just stayed at a family friend’s beach condo for the weekend; I finally decided that after all this time I wanted to go on a trip together! We don’t have any children so it should be pretty easy to schedule the trip; After thinking about it for a while we finally settled on a trip up into the mountains. Neither of us have clothes that are meant for chilly weather. I started to stock up on heat protectant clothing for the both of us because we live in a place with truly sizzling weather conditions, we really don’t even have to turn on the gas furnace during the winter time because it consistently stays pretty warm. However, I am happy to experience some varying weather weather conditions. I suppose that it is deranged, however I called the hotel to make sure they had a correctly working gas furnace. I didn’t want to show up to this chilly place without a working Heating and A/C system, but the receptionist kindly laughed at me and said that of course they entirely had a working heating and cooling system. We are all packed and leaving quite soon, now I just really hope she wasn’t kidding about the Heating plus A/C system. I don’t have a clue what I would do if we didn’t have a gas furnace once I get there, fingers crossed she was telling the truth!

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We took a day off from school

I have just graduated from an entirely good law school, then while I was in school I was also working a full time job and interning sometimes at a local law firm to receive experience. I was looking forward to the day after graduation for weeks now because I would have the day off from labor as well. I have not had a day to myself in about more than two years. I think that sounds as though I am exaggerating but I seriously don’t recall a day when I could just relax since beginning school, but, I had this whole day planned out. I was going to wake up early and go for a nice long walk on the shore, but then I was going to get my hair and nails done and end my evening celebrating with all my law school friends… However, upon waking up on my first day off in more than two years I noticed my air conditioning system wasn’t running. I hoped that maybe my roommate had just turned the air conditioning system off on accident, but that was not the case. The temperature control was totally black and I didn’t think what to do. I could have gone ahead with my day as planned and let my roommates deal with the Heating and A/C issue, but I decided to call the Heating and A/C company instead. I thought I could at least get a jump start. Once I called the Heating and A/C company I felt a lot more relaxed and went for my walk. After I got back the Heating and A/C van was in the driveway and hopefully she was fixing whatever is wrong!

HVAC service 

that was not lucky

I don’t know if anyone has had more than 2 terrible experiences like I have with the local Heating, Ventilation, and A/C shops around my town, and I promise that I haven’t had a single good experience since the afternoon that I moved in, and I’ve tried my best to locate one supplier that I can actually trust to do the work I’m paying them quite a bit of cash for. However because our house is pretty old, both of us have a seasoned Heating, Ventilation, and A/C method that needs TLC on a proper basis, and I’m often calling up a heating and cooling repairman to help me with our a/c or furnace, depending on the season. However, all of them have managed to show up late, if they even show up… They have been rude and mean, and often act as if the reparations are a burden, rather than their job. Most of them have been snippy and annoyed, and not even sure about what measures they’re taking to get the task done, then a few of the repairmen have even neglected to fix the temperature control device in question, and have simply left my house without saying a word… Some of these characters have even had the audacity to try to charge me for their repair after they leave! It’s been an astronomical laundry list of failures, and I’m beginning to wonder if there is a single reliable heating and cooling supplier in this entire city! If there is, I’m destined to find them one way or another, and I’ll be keeping their number on speed dial.

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A/C repairs

Have you ever been lucky enough to have a friend you could always count on regardless what? Those kind of friends are difficult to acquire, and if you are in a position to locate one, you should keep hold of him for dear life. About one decade ago, I met an a/c service mechanic when he visited my house to do a power audit, and he provided me with an incredible collection of energy savings tips. I’m not sure why, but we got along well from the start and became instant friends. My friend, and full time a/c service technician, has been available to me at all times. He is as as good a friend as you possibly find. If I need someone to talk to, my friend, and HVAC guy, is there for me. If I require advice about something, my heating and cooling friend is usually there to lead me down the best path. I may not constantly take my friend’s help, but I am so grateful that he is always willing to offer it to me. Additionally, not only that, but when my HVAC stopped working this recent year, I called one of your neighborhood HVAC companies for an a/c consultation. He got all cantankerous with me and demanded I let him come examine my a/c first. I said I didn’t want to tie up my friend with this heating and cooling issue; that is not why we’ve been friends, but he still was adamant on doing the HVAC assistance call himself. I was, ultimately glad I called at my HVAC friend because he was able to repair the a/c relatively fast, and it saved me the HVAC service fee.

HVAC maintenance 

Swimming and air conditioning

I live in a southwestern state and every single summer, I ask myself why do I put up with living in this hot, humid climate that makes me feel icky most of the year. It is hot and humid, at the very least, nine months of every year, and the three months in the midst of the summer can only be referred to as brutal. For me, there is no such thing as relief from the heat other than two things: swimming and air conditioning. If I just could spend those three months swimming inside of a pool all day, I would without a doubt do it. Unfortunately, I am expected to be at this place identified as the office. The workday really prevents me from spending lots of time within the city swimming pool. The other thing that ruins my swimming adventures is the daily thunderstorm that happens where I live nearly all day in the dog days of the summer season. That means my only source involving relief is the air conditioning. The HVAC systems in my neck of the woods comprise of heaters (which I never use), air conditioners, in addition to dehumidifiers. Many people may not fully grasp the fact that the central air conditioning systems where we live include dehumidifiers because our air is indeed humid. I did not learn about the dehumidifiers until I went around to visit the southeast, where cooling units include humidifiers. They barely have moisture in the air, so they really need humidifiers. You can more or less drink our air, so we want dehumidifiers. Between the rare day when weather allows me to swim my heart out, and the indoor air conditioning systems, I manage to survive the southwestern summers.

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AC and weather

I’m not sure if you’ve ever lived in a shady area, but I undoubtedly have. There were a number of years when I resided right over the edge of a pretty ghetto area of town, and it was a learning experience definitely. For instance, I learned to walk with one earbud during the night time and my keys wrapped tightly inside my hand, just in case I needed something sharp to use. I also learned to keep my car locked as soon as I got into the seating, and never to leave my windows open inside my apartment. This was problematic because the apartment had such terrible heating and cooling capabilities. Since I couldn’t have my windows open, I relied entirely on the apartment’s thermostat to rectify poor air quality or an uncomfortable air heat, and the furnace and air conditioner were not very efficient. I remember it would take a minimum 12 hours for the heater to adequately warm the place during the winter. I could bump up the temperature settings and begin feeling a difference in the ambient air temperature half a day later, if I was at all lucky. I don’t think that this air conditioner ever actually worked. My apartment was easily 85 to 90 degrees, even with the AC cranked at full blast. There would be no way I could catch a nice breeze from outside, because opening that window was a recipe meant for harassment and break ins, so I lived in a burning hot apartment and prayed that I could move soon.

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Offices compared to our home

I can easily say with confidence that although I do not know what I want to be when I’m grown, I definitely don’t wish to accomplish it in an office. I’ve just learned this recently, after having left my cushy state job to get a less luxurious position working from your home for independent contractors. Sure, I don’t employ a salary or benefits anymore, but I also don’t have to handle the hassle of getting up at dawn and commuting to work. On top of all that, my workspace is now perfectly customized to my very own personal preferences. It seems foolish, but I’m so glad to have control over the thermostat inside of my workday. I previously worked in a large institution with the most overwhelming air conditioning I’ve ever had to contend with. Between the months of May and September, the building is kept at an extreme low air temperature that feels similar to a refrigerator instead of an office building. I would sit and shiver at my desk all day, trying to remain warm inside of the powerful AC. The ventilation system was so powerful that there was nowhere to escape from the air vents, so there were drafts from every single direction. The temperature settings were clearly designed for people with warmer blood than I. Now I can stay home and adjust my thermostat with the click of a button. I don’t even really need to get up from my desk because you’ll find I have a smart thermostat! I can finally stop shivering and be entirely comfortable while I get the job done!

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